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Hungary . . . here we come!!

After two great days in Bratislava we head off on stage 12 of Tour de Donau towards Hungary. Taking a slight detour onto an island, we come across the Canoe World Youth Championships!! Mark takes a seat and judges the Polish team as they brave the rapids – training for next weeks competition.. . . . looks pretty treacherous to us!!


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Bratislava is an intriguing city of 450,000 and we learn a lot on a 3 & half hour walking tour with an excellent young Slovakian guide. Bratislava used to be called Pressburg (German) and before that Pozsony (Hungarian). The end of communism in 1989 and Slovak independence in 1992 resulted in it becoming capital of Slovakia. Economic recovery was slow but entry into the EU in 2004 attracted investment and new industry. The city has since been substantially renovated.

Bev sits on the fountain in the main square and enjoys the view.

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Stage 10 – Tough decisions required !!

We’re in a bit of a dilemma! Stage 10 to Bratislava is over 60km and this presents a few issues / problems!!

Firstly the bikes have decided to give up – next to no electrics and few gears working now ?!?  No Sparta bike service shops anywhere near us (or in Austria!?!), secondly, the heatwave continues with temperatures extremely hot by late morning, thirdly, whilst Bev’s health has improved she’s not fighting fit yet!

What shall we do ??????

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