Bratislava is an intriguing city of 450,000 and we learn a lot on a 3 & half hour walking tour with an excellent young Slovakian guide. Bratislava used to be called Pressburg (German) and before that Pozsony (Hungarian). The end of communism in 1989 and Slovak independence in 1992 resulted in it becoming capital of Slovakia. Economic recovery was slow but entry into the EU in 2004 attracted investment and new industry. The city has since been substantially renovated.

Bev sits on the fountain in the main square and enjoys the view.

Our guide points to Europe’s narrowest house – only 1.3m wide.

We follow him up the steep steps that lead to the Hrad (castle) with great views over Bratislava.

Sprinkled throughout the city are beautiful art sculptures and statues.

We admire the large famous Carlton hotel, talented street performers and a wacky umbrella art display above the street.

Yeahh, is time for lunch and we devour a traditional Slovak dish of potato dumplings (gnocchi), sheep cheese and bacon. some of the cafe’s have interesting options – did you notice knee on the menu??. . . and “air condition” a main traction also on a menu !?! . . . .yes the heatwave continues here..

The memorial statue of the silver man in tails and top hat has an interesting story – he used to work in the theatre but due to wartime – he became unemployed and hence became homeless and would wander the streets all day, greeting and smiling at everyone – doing small chores for people, in full tails and top hat.



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  1. Enjoying your wonderful and informative travels, so much history too. The heatwave has been persistent for you.!! Today we have had a beautiful 25deg ,not bad for a winters day here in Nelson Bay.
    The forecast is not so good for the next day or so cooler days ahead.
    Keep on enjoying and thanks for including us in your travels. xx

    1. Hello Bette & Jim,
      We are having a great trip. Hard work – especially in this weather – the people we meet and the sights we see make it all worthwhile.

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

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