Here we come . . . Final Stage 17 into Budapest!!

Racing off, on automatic pilot now, after a not so comfortable sleep in the Penzion! Tired  but excited to be close to Budapest on our final leg of 45 kms.

The river curves a wide bend and passes through the mountains. After another ferry crossing and 20 kms we stop and explore the colourful historic centre of Szentendre on foot. Bev finds a perfect lilac bike for her final kms onto Budapest!?!?!?

A shady, floating restaurant grabs our attention for cold refreshments! The river is so low now that its actually not floating at all!

The track becomes difficult and hard to negotiate today and Mark’s my hero . . .  pushing both our heavy bikes up the steep river bank.

Sweaty, overheated and hungry we rest and lunch at a riverside cafe. It’s Sunday and many families enjoy the music and food here. Mark devours his Hungarian sausage before we head off across the bridge into Budapest. The band is playing for our imminent arrival!! How wonderful!! . . . . Oh! the music is coming from the island on our right –Sziget where Europes largest seven day Music Festival is in full swing!! 496,000 visitors from 95 countries. Nevertheless, the music is a welcome touch and adds to the atmosphere of our arrival.

Yippee . . . . we made it B B B . . By Bike to Budapest (as our Dutch friends say) !!!

Over 800kms from Passau in Germany, through Vienna in Austria, Bratislava in Slovakia to Budapest in Hungary!!! . !!!.

Treating ourselves to champagne and an amazing three course dinner, we celebrate and reflect on our fantastic, challenging cycling adventure!!

Long Live the Tour de Donau!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Here we come . . . Final Stage 17 into Budapest!!

  1. What an amazing achievement. Well done.
    Did you prebook the accommodation? What resources did you use to plan this?
    Cycling back to the Motorhome now???

    1. Hello Katherine,
      Thank you.
      For our accommodation, we used and one to two days ahead. Fridays and Saturday nights provided the least choice. In fact, last Saturday night we had no choice but to stay in a 14 euro hostel!! That was a challenge but it was the last room available in the whole area.

      Currently looking around and enjoying Budapest. When we arrived, we booked accommodation for four nights. Have booked a train back to Vienna – then will head to Passau. Transport would be easier if we didn’t have the Ebikes – transport was OK with normal bikes but Ebikes was not an option – no reasons given, perhaps too heavy.

      Have a great day,

      Mark & Bev

  2. Congratulations you two. Great achievement….and we look forward to hearing the full stories!! Enjoy a few days R & R in beautiful Budapest ……& keep well.

  3. Hi Bev & Mark. What an adventure at ground level to taste the unique culture and history of these European countries! Perseverance! Mind and body adjustment from cycling legs to walking legs?? Siesta window in Budapest! Another fascinating area to explore. Hope the weather is a little cooler for you to refresh. Keep safe. love Lyn

  4. All our congrats!!
    You made it BBB
    And you always kept the good mood and each challenge became just another ‘adventure before dementure’ . It was great to meet you and to have new friends on the other side of the planet.
    All the best to you from
    Edith and Martin

  5. What a trip! Near death experiences. Olympian resilience and determination. Daily dangers- wow.
    Well done you two. The margaritas are waiting for you in London.
    I really liked the picture of Bev posing under the clothesline of the large woman’s skirts.

    see you soon,

    Mike and Pinky.

  6. Fabulous trip and great photos. Its been fun following your adventure sitting in the armchair!

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