Mascot for Aussie Bruce is the kookaburra

Bruce, Bev and Mark
Bruce, Bev and Mark


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. A pleasure to have met you both, looks like you are on an exciting adventure!
    Very lucky you stumbled across one of the most understated households in rural France, where you find some of the best treasures in French cuisine. Bernard, Inventor of the Magret Farcie (Fois gras stuffed duckbreast), hailing from the rural tradition of the Perigord Noir known for Walnuts, Black truffles and Fois gras, and a beautiful rolling chalkland countryside, chateauxs and stately gardens, Bernard certainly knows a thing or two about flavours -fortunately this time I was passing and am able to boast about everything that they do, as I know them too well and they will likely only let the tastes do the talking. The Lorserie is where you find a warm reception, compassion, and strong sense of sharing, with a knowledge of food and cooking from the perigord unrivaled in authenticity, and of course, Bernard, who I am proud to call my friend. Glad you were there to participate, and overwhelmed by your openess and effort to take part (everyone was really impressed at how well you were doing…) I really hope you have a great voyage and have an amazing time in Malaga! All the best, and don’t forget a bottle of Monbazillac with that fois gras! A Bientot!

  2. Hello Bev and Mark!
    Remember that YOUNG gentleman in his HYMER van in Jargeau, France? We had a great evening together!

    I am back home in good old Germany.

    I wish you a safe and interesting continuation of your trip!! I will follow you!


  3. Hi Mark,Bev just to let you know that I posted a few lines on facebook to Amanda and Tom to let them know that you finally found us in Torrenueva, by now you will be on the way to Portugal, it was great to meet you both (again) and Marie and I wish you all the best on your travels,please keep in touch.Adios para ahora

    regards Harry Marie

  4. Hi Mark and Bev. It was very nice to meet you in Munich @ oktoberfest. Waiting for you next year in Slovenia. Best wishes, Nina, Alexander and Adam

  5. Hi Mark and bev. It was great to see you guys in London and we are glad that you made it over the pond. We look forward to reading about your forthcoming adventures- you are going to have a ball !!!. Mike and Pinki.

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