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MS Allegro . . . .Part II

Join us back on the cruising “Love Boat” . . . .MS Allegro!


Wow! Look at these spectacular modern apartments jutting out over the Rhine as we depart Cologne!

IMG_7048 IMG_7049

I am glad we didn’t choose this Mobby Dick boat for our cruise!


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MS Allegro

We’re about to experience an eight day (seven night) “Romantic Rhine River Cruise”!! . . . .

Relax, sip a glass of wine . . . Rhine Riesling preferably . . . . and share our first river cruise adventure with us!

You may be asking, “How did you come to be cruising down the Rhine in Germany?” . . . . and “Where is Bruce?” (our trusty motorhome).

About a month ago, soon after we arrived in the Netherlands, Mark was flicking through a Dutch newspaper . . . . looking for Tour de France results . . . . . . but he cant read Dutch, so it was pictures that grabbed his attention!!

Stip Reizen Advert

m m m m m . . . . this cruise sounds very interesting, and . . .what! only 299 Euro each for the week . . . including all meals. It sounded “too good to be true” but upon a little research (thank you and google translate). The website was only in Dutch, the booking form, the confirmations, the itinerary – and all discussions were all in Dutch.

What do we have to lose? So, with the click of the mouse we were booked on the MS Allegro with the dutch company, Stip Reizen Cruises !! (Their website here). With that price, we expected the smallest cabin, no window – maybe below the waterline!! . . . . . let us wait and see!!?!? Continue reading MS Allegro


Kinderdijk is a famous windmill attraction in Dordrecht, 17 windmills, some still in working order and maintained in original colours. (Click here for further info – Kinderdijk).  There were many thousands of windmills in their “hey-day” but now the remaining 980 are precious and many World Heritage Status. After buying a delicious ice-cream from this authentic Dutch girl we set-off on our quest to find all 17 of the windmills!IMG_6494

Passing this giant baby crib, along the track we part the reeds and . . . . bingo!! Found them!

IMG_6496 IMG_6501 IMG_6522

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Belgium’s Capital, then to The Netherlands – DELTA PROJECT

On an informative walking tour with Pablo, our Spanish guide, we learnt about Belgium’s capital, Brussels! We start our tour in the Grand Place, the gorgeous central square. Our friendly small group tour included Jack from America & Louise from France.

IMG_6326 IMG_6282

The amazing 15th century gothic City Hall is a focal point. It managed to survive the 1695 French bombardment – even though it was their primary target!! Continue reading Belgium’s Capital, then to The Netherlands – DELTA PROJECT

Marvellous Maastricht and Luverley Luxembourg!

Leaving the Nijmegen region after an excitement packed week, Bruce ventures to the most southern tip of the Netherlands to Maastricht. The oldest Dutch city was full of people on
our Sunday visit. A beautiful city, next  to Maas River, steeped in history with great cafes and shops. Maastricht hangs like an appendix down from the rest of Netherlands, hemmed in on all sides by Belgium & Germany. The Romans built underground forts here & every generation has left its mark.

Maastricht has been called the “true star” of its province Limburg! IMG_6001

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