Stage 755 ! – or that’s what it felt like!!?

Somewhat refreshed after lonnnng showers and some sleep, stage 15 is racing towards Sturovo – 60 kms!!

Mark can’t help himself and leaves the peloton and wanders the trackside Roman Ruins.


The fields are dry and brown now due to the heat and drought.

Our new friends, Martin and Edith, catch up with us and we plan tactics together as the stage progresses. Once again our excellent cross country skills are required over the rough patches. Detours are also required as the path ends and we push up through the grass!!

Crossing the finish line into Sturovo a shady cafe beckons for lunch which we enjoy with Martin and Edith.

There was no rooms available in the town tonight except this pension.

Stage 16 – we continue!!

Yes, our blogs are getting shorter due to heat exhaustion and Mark’s inability with the internet!!?!?! Alternatively, as the distance to Budapest becomes shorter, so do the blogs!!!.

With just two stages left until the cobblestones of the Champs-Élysées. . . . . . . .  Whoops, wrong city!.!…. . . . I mean until we heroically ride past the famous Parliament and into BUDAPEST!!>!>!

Stage 16 crosses the bridge into Esztergom, past the canal boats (ships) and to the ferry crossing where a tug boat pushes the barge across the Danube.

Approaching today’s destination of Vác, there’s a large building surrounded by barbed wire fences, video cameras and a security tower – then we spot a guard wandering the perimeter. Take note to avoid any trouble with the law whilst here !. ! This prison looks pretty ominous..!!

Admiring the beautiful sunset over the Danube, we sit with Mark’s laptop – madly trying to book our accommodation again in Budapest!! Our arranged apartment was mysteriously cancelled – has a complaint coming!!

Our penzion here in Vac was 14 Euro plus another 1,400 Forint for sheets (about 3 Euros) !!! Not a great nights sleep either – but everything in the area was full and we could ride no further!!


Stage 16. . .  happy snaps!!


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  1. Nearly there guys fantastic cycling in the heat!
    Look forward to seeing u both relaxing in the Budapest baths.
    Although it maybe be too hot
    Enjoy the rest

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