Stage 10 – Tough decisions required !!

We’re in a bit of a dilemma! Stage 10 to Bratislava is over 60km and this presents a few issues / problems!!

Firstly the bikes have decided to give up – next to no electrics and few gears working now ?!?  No Sparta bike service shops anywhere near us (or in Austria!?!), secondly, the heatwave continues with temperatures extremely hot by late morning, thirdly, whilst Bev’s health has improved she’s not fighting fit yet!

What shall we do ??????

To Soldier-On or call it quits on stage 10    !?!?!

Of course, those that know us well have the answer!!  . . . . we’ll soldier on . . . with the permission of the Tour de Donau organisers to utilise the train for the start of the next stage – 45km !!!!!.   How accommodating!!!!. .

Petronell – look out, here we come!!.

Trying to lift the bikes up two high, narrow steps in 15 seconds onto the train was a struggle! ! !  almost didn’t make it!! Taking a deep breath, we relaxed on the hour journey to Petronell and were very pleased that we took the train option!! . . . Only time will tell if we made the correct decision. . . . . stay tuned!?!?!><!?!. . .

Pedaling from the station in Petronell to our hotel Marc Aurel, in German, (Marcus Aurelius), the only one in town, we catch a glimpse of the Roman ruins of Carnuntum!! Bev tries to rest in the sauna-like hotel room whilst Mark explores the famous ruins. The most significant Roman Ruins in Austria. (Coincidentally, our friends are in Roman ruins in Sicily today. They also feature Marcus Aurelius – see Mike and Pams blog here .. .)




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