Onwards ….. and onwards……!!

With renewed vigour, thanks to all your encouragement, we blitzed stage 11 (actually, more like slow and steady wins the race!!) and cross the finish line in the centre of beautiful old Bratislava – feeling hot and exhausted but with a sense of achievement!

Off and racing at 7am, in an attempt to beat the heat (already 24 degrees), our stage 11 will hopefully end successfully in Bratislava, Slovakia !!…. !! – fingers crossed.

Still in Austria we notice we notice large clear plastic bags on street posts everywhere . . . this is where you purchase your paper!!

Having passed 13th century gateway in Hainburg,  along the Donau, beside train tracks, passed the enormous shell / Buen Camino, and finally the Bratislava sign confirms we have not got lost!!

On our left, we catch a glimpse of the buildings of outer Bratislava. We think we are now in Slovakia because we have passed what looks like a border crossing office ? ? ?  – yep, here is a sign SLOVENSKO!!!

An impressive Hrad (castle) sits high on the hill as we approach the Novy Most (Bridge) and cycle under the freeway . . . .

Up the top of the bridge is a viewing area and the expensive UFO restaurant. During the communist regime the “ordinary folk” were not allowed to go up here – in-case they got ideas about escaping and could plan their route from up high. Many were murdered trying to escape across the Danube river or under train carriages into Austria. How the tables have turned, now we are excited to be entering the city of Bratislava!!

Intriguing art sculptures and statues are sprinkled throughout the city.

We notice this guy on a weird three-wheeled bike with at least six panniers . . . maybe his worldly possessions?

Water mist arches were installed throughout the town – just in time for this heatwave too!!

They have even placed “MAN AT WORK” sign above the street art sculpture of the man with his torso out of the drain!!

Hans Christian Andersen visited here and is honoured by a statue and on his back are reliefs of his famous characters – Tin Soldier, The Emperor’s New Clothes, etc.


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  1. congratulations guys great persistence and stamina in the heat. So much history and interesting architecture. Great photos!!
    Best wishes to u both xx

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