Monthly Archives: March 2014

Bev and Mark heading to Melbourne…

Aussie Bruce has been busy exploring the UK countryside for the past week and getting accustomed to LIFE ON THE ROAD.!!

After a couple of days in Brighton, he headed north to historic Chester which has the most complete City Walls in Britain dating from the roman occupation 2,000 years ago.

Chester Town Centre
Chester Town Centre


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Touchdown in London

After our safe touch down at Heathrow ten days ago everything has been all systems go!

We hired a beaut small Renault Clio for a week & headed straight to see “Bruce” at his English winter storage yard! He was thrilled to see us & very excited to be released from his confinement. We were wrapped when he revved up 1st turn of the key and also quite relieved his batteries survived the long cold winter. He was still lookingvery handsome! Continue reading Touchdown in London