Vienna adventure continues!

Wednesday is a rest day as we are both pretty exhausted with this sight-seeing – well, Bev rests anyway and Mark does a days work for SafetyQuip.

Thursday, feeling revitalised, we catch the tram, this time to the baroque Bellevedere Palace. This was the former home of Prince Eugene of Savoy (guy with curly hair in picture) and now an Austrian art gallery which includes the work of famous Gustav Klimt – and his Golden Kiss – work of art!!.

We are amused by a collection of busts which are self portraits of the sculptor! . . . mmm.

Mark finds Madonna and Child dating back to 1360.

Thursday night we relax at the amazing SUMMER FESTIVAL in front of the impressive Rathaus (Town Hall) !! It is a fantastic atmosphere with many enjoying the food stalls and even an Australian one!!! As the sun sets, the BIG screen lights up with a concert of Alicia Keys !!

Our last day in Vienna is spent wandering VolksGartens with its roses, arts, sculptures and modern light feature – meandering our way through the city streets we find ourselves in front of the confronting square, concrete memorial to the 65,000 Austrian Jews murdered by the NAZI regime . . . a somber reflection of past atrocities.

Admiring elegent architecture and then pass contrasting modern hotel with large round windows. Did you know, taxis are called faxis here?!?!?! (well this one is anyway)!!!

Apparently there are no “Kangaroos in Australia!!” . . . . who would of guessed… . . !??!

Mozart lived in Vienna for a period of time and we noticed him in the garden above a beautiful red floral treble cleff!

Our afternoon concludes with Mark’s shopping spree at no other, than PEEK & Cloppernberg & Co !!! . . . . PEEK was Bev’s maiden name and has German origins.

Celebrating our final night in Vienna at the famous Prater amusement centre – was great as we watch everyone else scream and yell as the rides did their thing!!!

The Prater Pleasure Gardens were set aside in 1527 for use by the aristocracy, then in 1766 Josef II opened the park for public enjoyment. It has been an Amusement Park since then !!! . . . Almost as old as Luna Park!!!! fortunatley, nothing like Luna Park!!. . and on a much bigger scale!!!>  An excellent night out and end to our Vienna stay.. . . . Auf Wiedersehen.!. ! .




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  1. Hope your rested Bev, everything looks great in the photos, take care on your next leg. We start for home tomorrow, will head down the South coast way.lovely to see everyone.

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