Day of Drama on Tour de Donau!!

Off and racing on stage 14. . .,,  not quite !?!?!  Marks bike has a rear tyre puncture! !!


Oh Well, Bev will have to have another cold drink or two while Mark sweats it out on the repair.

Stage 14 continues well enough, after navigating its way out of Gyor, however the track deteriorates quickly and continues past small farming sheds and squeezes past the bread van selling to the locals.

A shady cafe appears and we rest with the friendly cycling team from Berlin.

The going gets tougher . . . . .  potholes . . . .  uneven dirt and corrugations and even a long stretch of sand.!! It takes all our concentration to balance the heavy bikes, keep them upright and we resort to walking them through the worst bits!

Oh No . . . there is a fall in the peloton! Team Australia (Bev) has hit the ground . . . . but very gracefully (of course) and luckily no injury is sustained.

We spot another group ahead. Team Black Forest – Martin and Edith — they are going strong!! We join forces with them and battle our way ahead as the track turns to sand. No pics of this  — too busy and hot.

There was a fork in the track with no signs. Which way????? Choosing the left route, which in hindsight was the wrong way.!?!?!

Encouraging each other we push onwards with tractors passing and making a dust storm!

The last photo below speaks a thousand words – – – – !!!! What a day!! Cycling over 60km and into Komárom at last!!





3 thoughts on “Day of Drama on Tour de Donau!!

  1. Hi, the last pic is the best . You really catch the most sunny, dry and hotest summer i can remember….and you are cycling! That is more than the Tour de France.
    But you will be happy When you arrive in Budapest. The way is the yourney with a Great End!
    Greetings from us

  2. THE FEET! I laughed out loud!!!!!
    It looks very warm (understatement?) It sounds grueling!

  3. Thank goodness for the pink nails, we wouldn’t have known whose feet were whose!!!!!
    It all sounds so interesting, and meeting lots of like minded people would be great, we are in the cold here but haven’t had much rain and are quite busy this week. Keep enjoying your journey and stay well, thinking of you both. Love Joy and Graeme xx

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