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Zadar, the main city of northern Dalmatia, was damaged by bombs during 2nd World War and by Yugoslav rockets in 1991 – but it has been rebuilt and restored retaining much of its old flavour and controversially new modern buildings.

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Driving the Dalmation

Driving north along the Dalmation Coast there is the attractive little village Ston, a traditional centre of oyster and shellfish cultivation. Nearby, our AutoCamp Prapratno is at the little cove, with same name, on the seashore amongst the pinewood and olive groves. The pebbly beach has crystal clear water.


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Driving east from Pompeii to Bari (Italy’s east coast with a ferry to Dubrovnik, Croatia waiting for us) we detour slightly through the town of . . . .


It’s deserted today because it’s a public holiday but we find only McDonald’s open for lunch and it is full of people.!!

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