The Tour is Sizzling hot!!

Stage 13 and the peloton is still baking in the sun! It winds through Mosonmagyaróvár – try saying that even without a beer!?!?! Apparently this is the place to come for dental work. There are 350 dentists here – the highest density per head in the word.

The word BEVALTO keeps popping up on signs !?!?! Any ideas?

It seems, high viz orange overalls are the height of fashion on our route today.

Boy is it hot . . . the whole peleton pull over for a fagyizo!?!?! ( see picture)

Bev finds it helps to use Google Translate to order a coffee!

Feeling exhausted, we are relieved to cross the finish line into Gyor – and Bev poses for a pic outside our Hotel Klastrom!! It is a tastefully renovated monastery – with a beautiful central courtyard. No air conditioning, but we do get a small fan.

I hear you all asking . . . how do you wash and dry your clothes?? – the fan helps also today.

Gyor has a lovely town square we we devour dinner with new friends from UK – Mark and Federico and watch the hot air balloon pass by.





5 thoughts on “The Tour is Sizzling hot!!

  1. Hi Bev & Mark,
    Love reading of your adventures, great photos!! We will be in Budapest from Friday 17 Aug for 5 nights. I know the chances of you being there at the same time are slim but just thought I would mention it. Happy travels.

  2. It looks and sounds really hot! I hope it cools down over night. We are loving following your adventure! Your blogs are getting shorter though. If it is because you are tired etc. that’s fine. But if it is because you think we are not interested… NOT fine! I want more detail and stories! Yeah! 🙂

    1. Howdy Linda, we keep meeting interesting people and love to talk with them – rather than “playing on the computer”.

      Have a great day,
      Mark and Bev

  3. Hm, I think I can say Mosonmagyarovar without even Palinka!! But novices should only attempt it after a shot of Palinka!!!

    1. Hello Marta,
      We had some Palinka with our celebration dinner in Budapest. It was lovely – I can understand why you only need a small amount of it though!!

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

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