Hungary . . . here we come!!

After two great days in Bratislava we head off on stage 12 of Tour de Donau towards Hungary. Taking a slight detour onto an island, we come across the Canoe World Youth Championships!! Mark takes a seat and judges the Polish team as they brave the rapids – training for next weeks competition.. . . . looks pretty treacherous to us!!


Stage 12 – start Bratislava, Slovakia – Finish – Feketeerdo, Hungary – Km traveled 45 ish

The border sign into Hungary . . . . Allamhatar !!

The local currency is the Florint and we tried to work out its value . . . . 10,000 HUF (Hungarian Florint)  is about $55 (Australian).

We’re touring through the countrysides now, past interesting wells and . . . . what is Mark up to???. . . .  Directing a tractor full of hay bales!?!?!?!

In tiny Rajka the gardens and homes are colourful and we take a rest stop in the 34 degrees shade and chat to a fit 80 year old Norwegian who is also cycling to Budapest!!

At last the tour ends at the Luca Haza Pension in the tiny village of Feketeerdo.. . . with no shops or restaurants – this is a unique and relaxing stop with our Hungarian hosts who speak no English but understand our bad German and Google translate!! They invite us for a swim in their pool with slide – check out the photo!! we declined but relaxed with a cold drink in the gardens. They kindly organised a taxi for us to the next village – so we enjoyed dinner there. . . . delicious chicken with almond flakes,  honey and strawberry sauce…..


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  1. I’m enjoying following your bike adventure Bev & Mark . It must be lovely to get off the main highways to the smaller towns as well as the historic cities. I can’t understand why you weren’t tempted with a plunge into the beautiful green pool.

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