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Wild, white horses & flamingoes!

Driving eastward again, we’re now in the amazing Camargue region, in the gorgeous village of Saintes Maries de la Mer. This place is truly amazing with its nature & so culturally interesting also.
We even notice all these wild, white horses in the wetlands on our way to the village.

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Exploring further afield from San Sebastián

Let’s explore further afield today!
We jump in a taxi at 9am to the underground central bus station in central San Sebastián.
You have two choices:
join Mark on his one and a quarter hour bus trip to explore the city of Bilbao, or come with Su, Pete and yours truly to the quaint seaside village of Saint Jean de Luz, only 40 minutes away! Mmmm……decisions!?

However, there is a small hiccup to our plans!……

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