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Another tick for the bucket list

Tally – Ho Bruce!!….. onward and upward and upward…. and upward!!!!

IMG_8004The roads become narrower and zig –zag their way up the mountains!! We are in the Pyrenees – Sud Ouest (south-west) France.

Heavy morning cloud makes visibility very difficult as we approach our camping destination; La Mongie, in the Haute Pyrenees. Pulling off the road we can only see 10 metres ahead and make a judgement call not to go any higher. This is where we will wait the three days for the Tour de France!! Bruce finds a suitable position in an aire (free car park really), 1.5km from the small ski town of La Mongie. The book says “room for 100 camping cars”, we counted 152 on the first night, but when the Tour de France finally descended upon us, we guess close to 400 in our “spot”.

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Fireworks welcome us

Fireworks welcome us to the medieval World Heritage village of Saint Emilion in the heart of Bordeaux vineyards! As well as our arrival, they are also celebrating Bastille Day!IMG_7683IMG_7738

The large “Kings Tower” where the fireworks were launched! Can you see us up there?IMG_7694IMG_7631

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A day in the life…

A day in the life of the intrepid travellers!! Mmmm…… Firstly, there are no alarm clocks…… we wake up hen our bodies have had enough “shut-eye!” Long days with the sun setting late …. IMG_4275It can be 10:30 before it is dark & much latter before we can seep! All this sight-seeing & exploring can be pretty exhausting at times…. No joke!! (We sometimes plan and research late into the night about where our next destination is and the route, etc. Continue reading A day in the life…

Biking to Birthday Ballet in Biarritz

It’s bucketing down here – raining “cats ‘n’ dogs”! So much for Bev experiencing her first “summer” birthday!! Managed a two hour beach walk before the heavens opened……. It is still a pleasant 23° C though!

Gare du Midi Theatre – Biarritz, France

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Basking in Basque

Bruce bravely ventures along “challenging”, narrow, winding mountain passes as he heads to northern Spain. At times we have to breath-in & pray when we approach oncoming traffic! Cliffs / rock overhangs, with many blind corners and bus/trucks rounding the bend at any moment!! With such large rock overhangs it is impossible for Bruce to hug his side of the road!?!


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