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Onwards ….. and onwards……!!

With renewed vigour, thanks to all your encouragement, we blitzed stage 11 (actually, more like slow and steady wins the race!!) and cross the finish line in the centre of beautiful old Bratislava – feeling hot and exhausted but with a sense of achievement!

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Stage 10 – Tough decisions required !!

We’re in a bit of a dilemma! Stage 10 to Bratislava is over 60km and this presents a few issues / problems!!

Firstly the bikes have decided to give up – next to no electrics and few gears working now ?!?  No Sparta bike service shops anywhere near us (or in Austria!?!), secondly, the heatwave continues with temperatures extremely hot by late morning, thirdly, whilst Bev’s health has improved she’s not fighting fit yet!

What shall we do ??????

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The tour continues to HEAT UP !!

From Krems to Tulln (Stage 8)

and from Tulln to Vienna (Stage 9)

The heatwave continues as we push off towards Tulln passing the large Hofer (Aldi) sign, marinas, through wild native flowers and ancient roman buildings. We down cold refreshments at the Big Bear cafe in front of the non-functioning Nuclear Power Plant, built in 1979 – but never used.

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Stage 2 and Bev’s in YELLOW JERSEY !

Day:     Sunday 22 July 2018

Start:  Engelhartszell, Austria

Destination:   Aschach an der Donau, Austria

Distance Travelled:   45km

Accommodation:   La Mamma Pension

Weather:      Scattered showers, overcast & low cloud, 20 deg

Interesting things:

  • the Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Interesting Barrels in the campground
Stage 2 begins!

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