Bev’s Mission Accomplished

Struck it lucky again with a peaceful, shady campingplatz, 10kms from Passau! . . . . plus the added bonus of . . . . a BIG ZUM BAD especially for Bev!! No crowds here, so Bev starts her training for the Synchronised Swimming Olympic (over 60 ish) Team 2020!!!? Swimming therapy is just what we need after our cycling adventure!


Our 2 day train journey back to AUSSIE BRUCE in Passau (Germany) included a stopover night in Vienna. The train from Budapest to Vienna was not great for bikes but from Vienna to Passau we ride in the specially designed train for transporting bikes and passengers.  Five carriages specifically designed for the purpose.

There’s lots of commotion on board with a group of guys on a “bucks day out”!! The “groom to be” wearing pink wig and carrying a tray of goodies (toys, small alcohol bottles, etc) for travellers!!  They were having a ball & entertained the carriage with lots of singing and merriment!

Would you believe our bikes have ironically begun to work a bit better. The bike with no power enjoyed the train ride to Vienna – on a vertical rack – and is now working partially. We think the vertical bike hangers in the train somehow jolted them to life!?!?! . . . Who Knows??!?!?

Our enjoyable four night stay at Gruss Gott Campingplatz, near Passau, included a few relaxing, leisurely (25kms) bike rides – with no heavy panniers . . . . . except when we did some stocking up for the pantry and the fridge!!

In the pretty village of Vilshofen we rode past a Bavarian wedding at the Rathaus (town Hall). Everyone wearing Lederhosen and dirndl – including the bride!



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  1. Hi! That all looks beautiful and very relaxing. ( Very different from our cold and rainy weather!) I’m glad the bikes have returned to relative health. Better late than never???

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