The tour continues to HEAT UP !!

From Krems to Tulln (Stage 8)

and from Tulln to Vienna (Stage 9)

The heatwave continues as we push off towards Tulln passing the large Hofer (Aldi) sign, marinas, through wild native flowers and ancient roman buildings. We down cold refreshments at the Big Bear cafe in front of the non-functioning Nuclear Power Plant, built in 1979 – but never used.

Day      Saturday, 28 July 2018 – STAGE 8

Start    Krems, Austria

Destination    Tulln, Austria

Distance Travelled     55

Accommodation        Hotel Romanov *** – (6 out of 10)

Weather         Hot, 32 degrees (inside and out because Air Conditioning is rare!!


Day      Sunday, 29 July 2018 – STAGE 9

Start    Tulln, Austria

Destination    Vienna, Austria

Distance Travelled     45

Accommodation        Hotel Mozart – Vienna (8 out of 10 – air conditioned!!)

Weather         Hot, 30 degrees

Mark’s amused by the chain of “SCHNIPP SCHNAPP” hairdressing salons on our route.

A wide cycle path leads into Tulln and to their grand white Rathouse (Town Hall) ending a hot stage 8!! Please note Mark proudly wears the YELLOW (hat) for this stage!!!.

We check into Hotel Romanof which is still in the dark ages, with outdated decor etc, and look what we find on the wall (ancient  TV and Phone for those too young to know what they are). . . . . Mark even met an old Roman in the foyer!!

Stage 9 –

The next morning we explore the large Sunday Flea Market, before we head off into Vienna. Some safety signs catch our attention and also a picture of our son “BEN” ?!?!?!

Departing Tulln, we past the stage where there was a concert last night. An Austrian singer belting out the old tunes . . . Frank Sinatra favorites, etc.. we heard it for free, sipping wine in the Beer Garden next door!

Heaps of cyclists join our peleton on this sunny Sunday. Others prefer fishing on the riverside, sailing, boating and swimming.

There is even a small bookshelf / library complete with table and chair, on the edge of the cycle path, for those requiring a restful read. Spotting the Blue Danube boat cruise by, we are now close to Vienna!! FYI – the Danube is not blue, but quite an agreeable shade of green!!

Excitement is building as we navigate to the end of stage 9 along the grassy riverside and into Vienna!! We anticipate the crowds that will line the streets waving Aussie Flags and cheering us on – as we fly under the large concrete overpass and finally into Vienna!! . . . Ohhhhh…. a bit of a letdown !!! I don’t think the Austrians are following our blog as yet – or perhaps they are all in Paris cheering on Geriant Thomas on the ChampsElysées.

Nevertheless, after 475 Km, we graciously accept a position on the podium out the front of Hotel Mozart – where we will rest before continuing our cycling adventure – Bratislava and Budapest!!

But for now, we cant wait to explore Vienna.

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  1. How special to be part of your cycling trip,and the interesting buildings etc all an eye opener for us.!!! Keep Enjoying and keep cool.!!
    Bette and Jimxx

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