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No Bruce, No Bikes . . . . Just Cruisin’ . . . . !!

Come and join us on the MS Allegro! Cruising with our lovely friends from Erp (The Netherlands) for 7 days has been relaxing and lots of fun.

Departing from Rotterdam on a sunny afternoon we begin our journey along canals with may locks, passing numerous cargo ships and industry on the banks, and visiting six towns along the way.

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Splits and High Kicks in Bavaria!

What’s this falling from the skies???..? Rain!!! We’re out of here!! . . . . . The beauty of having a motorhome we can “up & go” at the drop of a hat! The weather is looking great a few 100km north, Bruce agrees so we follow the sun!! Still in the bottom 1/3 of Germany (Bavaria) we explore more interesting places and artwork!

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Walking the Wall !!!!

Rugged up today as temperature has plummeted to 20 degrees !! . . . . 3/4 pants and even a vest for Bev as we explore Nördlingen. (Wikipedia) This old town is also totally encircled by a well preserved medieval wall and towers, however it boasts to be the only town that you can walk the entire walls – 2.7kms !! . . . so the challenge is on to check this fact out.

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Romantische Straße . . . here we come !

Onward bound we travel along Germany’s most popular holiday route – The Romantic Road – Romantische Straße which draws over two million visitors each year!! (wikipedia) . . It is near impossible to choose between photos for our blog now!! UGH!! . . . . it’s always a good idea to start our exploring with a Kaffee and delicious German Kuchen!

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