Romantische Straße . . . here we come !

Onward bound we travel along Germany’s most popular holiday route – The Romantic Road – Romantische Straße which draws over two million visitors each year!! (wikipedia) . . It is near impossible to choose between photos for our blog now!! UGH!! . . . . it’s always a good idea to start our exploring with a Kaffee and delicious German Kuchen!

Rothenburg, population 11,000, is full of colour and charm. We enter through the gateway of the once fortified town. Historic walls form a 2.5km unbroken circle of the town. preservation orders here are the strictest in Germany.

Bev encourages Mark to pose in front of Hotel Markusturm for the obligatory photo.

We wander up among the gardens admiring the view of the Tauber Valley and Rothenburg. We zoom in on this enormous bee that we notice hard at work in the gardens.

A red vintage truck decorated with presents draws attention to the famous Christmas Shop.

Mark is dwarfed by the enormous Bavarian Cuckoo Clock . . . no we couldn’t squeeze this into our bag for the trip home – you will be pleased to know Ben and Morgan.

Delightful Dinklesbuhl is 40km south along the Romantische Straße. Its roots trace back to the kings of the 8th century and was fortunately saved from destruction during the 30 years war and WWII bombers.

Friday is popular for weddings again!! We pass two today at the Rathaus, Town Hall. Notice one with the traditional Bavarian clothing and the other in more “ordinary” attire. No white bridal wedding gowns to be seen !

Did you spot the little, extra crooked, timbered house pictured here?

Meandering through the non-tourist back streets we stumble across these interesting, tiny old cottages, not representative of the town.

Mark delivers some groceries back to Bruce – to complement our pantry. Next stop, Nördlingen. Bruce is supposed to be guiding us away form the threatening rain and thunderstorms – but what can we see ahead? . . . Where are our warm clothes??

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