Walking the Wall !!!!

Rugged up today as temperature has plummeted to 20 degrees !! . . . . 3/4 pants and even a vest for Bev as we explore Nördlingen. (Wikipedia) This old town is also totally encircled by a well preserved medieval wall and towers, however it boasts to be the only town that you can walk the entire walls – 2.7kms !! . . . so the challenge is on to check this fact out.

We climb the steps and look down on the interesting rooftops and continue along the covered parapet paths of the wall!! Would you believe that we come across a cafe / bar on the wall walkway! It’s 6pm so we welcome a liquid refreshment and relax with this great view. The aroma of wood fired pizza’a drifts our way!? . . . after investigation we discover that between the inner wall (we are sitting on) and the outer wall there is a mini-golf, pizza and bar ! !! Soon the place is buzzing with many people having a ball – literally – and the atmosphere is fantastic. Realizing we are starving, we join the “party” and devour some delicious pizzas. An amazing musician sings and plays guitar for the next 4 hours! . . . . Forget the wall walk, we are having too much fun here. At 10pm, the stage lights up with a rock / punk band with Hawaiian shirts ! All for free !

Early Saturday morning we tackle the 2.7km city wall walk again and this time succeed . . . no distractions of bars or music this early in the morning. It is intriguing that many people live within the ancient city walls.

Wandering back to Bruce, we pass a cottage completely covered by creeping trees. Also there is a small book-swap library on the pavement. . . . sounds like a novel idea to me (excuse the pun)! ! !