Splits and High Kicks in Bavaria!

What’s this falling from the skies???..? Rain!!! We’re out of here!! . . . . . The beauty of having a motorhome we can “up & go” at the drop of a hat! The weather is looking great a few 100km north, Bruce agrees so we follow the sun!! Still in the bottom 1/3 of Germany (Bavaria) we explore more interesting places and artwork!

In Veitshochheim, the amusing murals on the theatre wall catch Bev’s attention and maybe even inspire her to return to the stage!? Ha Ha!!

In Wurzburg, Bev poses in front of the famous Baroque Residenz (palace). Mark finds this 17th century crane called Alte Kranen.

There is a bucks party on the bridge . . . for MARCO 2018 !!

They love free street libraries in Germany! under the pedestrian walkway bridge near our overnight stay in Bruce we discover another library. We donate some English books to add to the many German ones.

In Karlstadt, Mark hikes up the old castle ruins overlooking Bruce’s parking spot and the town.

Only in Germany . .. beer served on silver trays!!

We dropped into the Edwin Hymer World and admired the new 2018 Hymer model on display (Bruce is a Hymer).

4 thoughts on “Splits and High Kicks in Bavaria!

  1. Looks like you are having a lot of fun! So many lovely villages to discover and enjoy. We are looking forward to getting back to Germany. All the best M&M

  2. Once again we are enthralled with you travels ,what exciting countries you are visiting.
    Keep on enjoying.xx

  3. We are still following your fantastic trip. It is terrific having the bikes. You get to see the lovely places the normal tourists cant get to and enjoy the local life. Love the photos xx

  4. Looks amazing! So jealous that you are still over there. Isn’t Bavaria beautiful – we visited some of those places and loved it all. Keep enjoying …

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