So nice you have to name it twice !!

Leaving Bavaria, we have a date with Team Black Forest, Martin and Edith, our riding mates from Tour de Donau, at their home town of Baden-Baden (in the Black Forest). Quote from Lonely Planet travel guide: “So nice that you have to name it twice!!”

After a delicious brunch at their home, we all cycle down the hill to the centre of Baden-Baden. Located on the Oos River, it is an idyllic location. It is a famous spa resort with hot thermal springs and thermal baths – which put Baden (bath) in Baden!!

We cycle past the ancient baths and the new modern thermal baths, elegant buildings with a French influence, being so close to the French border. We peak inside the lavish casino and ride past the grandiose theatre. Beautiful gardens and architecture add to the cities appeal.

Our excellent “Tour de Barden-Barden” concludes with a delicious meal sitting outside enjoying the night with Martin and Edith. Wunderbah!!


Next stop – Lake Constance – Bodensee in southern Germany. Formed by the Rhine Glacier during the last ice age, this enormous lake is 14km wide and 270 kms around. There are hundreds of cyclists riding the loop of the lake with panniers and/or all their camping gear. We manage to get one of the last spots available at Camping Lindau – right on the lake.

Another challenge awaits. . . . . three countries border the lake  – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So off we peddle, 40km round trip, for morning tea in Germany, Lunch in Austria and a quick glance into Switzerland!!

Many yachts and cruise boat enjoying the sunshine in historic Lindau. We pedal along the lake shore to Bregenz (Austria) and admire the innovative stage for the famous open air opera festival. See picture of the hand around the stage.

Taking the Pfander cable car up 1,000m to the summit for breathtaking views of Swiss Alps and Lake Constance. After checking out the animals, schein (pig) & deer with antlers, we share an Austrian platter for lunch.

Back to the bikes and onwards along woodland paths, river inlets and wetlands. Mark takes a pic of Bev in Switzerland – we know this because of the Swiss emblem on the bridge above.

One lake, two bikes, three countries in a day!! We did it!!

3 thoughts on “So nice you have to name it twice !!

  1. Now you have seen the most beautyful places in germany. You have made a Great trip and have seen much more than the most People of germany will see in their hole life.
    Keep moving with aussie bruce.

    Frank with Steffi and Vincent.

  2. All looks marvelous, and to see so much with different countries, on bikes, great..from cold grey Melbourne with love

  3. Well guys can this trip get any better. The journey around the lake 3countries WOW

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