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No Bruce, No Bikes . . . . Just Cruisin’ . . . . !!

Come and join us on the MS Allegro! Cruising with our lovely friends from Erp (The Netherlands) for 7 days has been relaxing and lots of fun.

Departing from Rotterdam on a sunny afternoon we begin our journey along canals with may locks, passing numerous cargo ships and industry on the banks, and visiting six towns along the way.

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Who’s up for a loonng walk?

The fantastic fireworks heralded the start of the 99th VIER DAAGSE festival with a huge bang!! We caught the bus to town with Jan, Netty and Maaike our Dutch friends, and we were a part of this amazing spectacle!IMG_5371

It was party time in Nijmegen on Saturday night and we danced & mingled with the packed crowd!! . . . . . (400,000) . . . . The Dutch know how to throw a party in style!IMG_5240 Continue reading Who’s up for a loonng walk?