Wraysbury, wedding & water !

We’re back in the U.K. after another smooth ferry crossing, this time from Le Havre, in France, to Portsmouth.
Here, it’s all about Wraysbury, a wonderful wedding, heaps of water & Warleigh Barton farm later.  Yes, the common theme is the W’s ! Ha !

Bruce snuggled into a spot out the front of Mike & Pinki’s wonderful, waterfront home in Wraysbury, near Windsor ( another W ! ) ….also near Heathrow.
Upon arrival, there was a flurry of activity ! Preparations were in full swing for the garden wedding tomorrow in Mike and Pinki’s front and rear garden, which overlooks the Thames River.

You may be wondering who is getting married ? Good question, Rebecca & Bunny from next door. Their garden not quite big enough to cater for 100 guests so Mike & Pinki kindly provided their fantastic garden for the event !

The wedding theme was Alice In Wonderland & so there were rabbits hiding amongst the bushes , bunny ears & teapots everywhere…..an enormous one high in the tree with flowers flowing from the spout ! !

How creative is this large teapot that Rebecca creatively made from a yoga ball  !

The guests soon fill the garden & excitedly await the arrival of the Bride !

Apparently my Alice In Wonderful mask was a bit too spooky, something about my eye cut outs !? ….So, l managed to find some white bunny ears !

Many of the guests arrived in boats from down the Thames & moored out the front of the wedding house !

Who’s this ?  The groom has arrived, that’s him in the pink trousers & white top hat !

Then the beautiful bride made her stylish, grand entrance aboard the boat !

Note the gold heart flip flops to complete the outfit!

This is not your typical British  wedding , that’s for sure !

We all then congregate next door for the special wedding vows & wedding service.

The beautiful, fun loving couple making their commitment to each other. How cool is Bunny’s pink suit & Rebecca made her gorgeous wedding outfit !

Big Congratulations to the adorable couple !

The following sunny morning it’s time to go exploring the down the Thames river. Mark was unanimously, unopposed, elected to be the captain for the day, even though Pinki wore the Captains hat !

We motor past many interesting and beautiful riverside  homes of different styles too !

This lady gives us a wave from her front door as we admire her quirky garden displays!

Up the river, we come across a rowing regatta in full swing! At this point, the river is divided lengthways with markers to control the busy boat traffic today & make room for the rowing competition. We think this crew may have been the masters team, not quite so fast or trim !?

One of the Regatta official boats here !

Around another bend in the river, and it’s chaos with numerous watercraft out enjoying activities in the hot Sunday afternoon ! Fortunately, Mark is an adept captain & he manages to avoid any collisions or near misses ! Phew !

On the homeward stretch now & Pummy gets very excited & decides to demonstrate the famous “Titanic” pose !…..now, where is that life jacket when you need it !?

There’s “home” !
What another wonderful, fun filled day we have enjoyed together !

Great skippering today Mark !
He manages to cool off pretty quickly after his dip in the refreshing Thames river!

An evening barbecue & then relaxing in the colourful conservatory finished the weekend perfectly too !


6 thoughts on “Wraysbury, wedding & water !

  1. Wow a wedding to Remember aussies are not that. Creative ending the trip with a bang

  2. What a wonderful wedding celebration. Loved the Alice in Wonderland theme,beautifully done.
    Enjoyed the trip down the Thames Mark,top skipper.
    Keep on enjoying your wonderful holiday.

  3. Wow. That was some weekend. So much fun and you described the weekend perfectly! (Not that i was paying much attention).

  4. What an amazing time you’ve had in the UK. Special times with special friends. So happy for you both and safe journey home.

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