Fashion & culture.….last day in Paris !

Yes, our last day in perfect Paris !
On our journey to the Arc De Triomphe, along the avenue des Champs-Élysées, we admire theses famous fashion houses !

The  delightful Dior building is being renovated  but is attractively & cleverly disguised in the process.

Mark is deciding whether or not he should purchase this white BOSS suit, complete with white beret to wear to the office next week !??…..hate to see the price !

Fortunately, these J.M. Weston loafers, at 650€ , won’t match Mark’s white Boss pantsuit !!

It’s a hot walk up along the 2 kms of the Champs-Élysées but these mannequins have the right idea cooling off in the “water!” A novel way to advertise swimwear too !

It took ages, but we finally arrived at the enormous Arc de Triomphe ! It seemed a triumph in this heat too !
Everyone takes this selfie pic in the middle of the median trip of the avenue, with traffic whizzing past ! So we join in too !
The Arc de Triomphe honours those who fought & died for France 🇫🇷 during the French Revolution & the Napoleonic Wars . The names of all the French victories & generals are inscribed on its inner & outer surfaces. Under its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from WW1.
We had planned on going up to the top of the Arc, however, the queue was very long so we admired its grandeur & imagined the view ! Next time !

Bev is modelling her spotted designer outfit in-front of the Luxor Obelisk! This was erected at the centre of the Place de La Concorde by King Louis-Phillip.

Scholars believe that obelisks represent eternity & immortality and their long, tapering shape connect the heavens and the Earth. Their pinnacles were typically covered in gold to reflect the sunlight.
It was gifted to France 🇫🇷 by the king of Egypt as a token their good relationship. The giant granite monument, 23 metres high, made it to Paris after an incredible journey on the sea !

In the next shot, Behind Bev is the beautiful Musee d’Orsay museum, which is on the left bank of the Seine River. It is housed in the former train station built between the 1898 and 1900. The museum holds mainly French art, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and even photography.

Fortunately, there isn’t much of a queue here, so we swiftly move in and go exploring in the large museum.

How attractive is the old railway station clock in the main hall of the museum?! I zoom in to take this pic to show the detail.

I’ve selected just a few interesting & maybe less known pieces that I admired on our viewing of the museum today. Hope you enjoy them too !

“Madame Charles Max “ by Giovanni Boldini 1896

“Maternite”  by Gari Melchers  1895.

“Boating Party “ is new to the museum !  By Caillebotte 1877

“Jeunes filles au piano “  by Pierre Auguste RENOIR  1892.
I love this particular painting !

Beautiful sculpture – “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen “  by Degas – 1878

Here’s one for all you car lovers out there ! It’s available for rent if anyone’s keen ….& feeling extra extravagant!

We’re pretty famished after so much culture & we wander through the gardens, Jardin des Tuileries stopping for a light lunch in the restaurant overlooking this attractive large bronze sculpture! Ha !

It is called “Standing Woman” by Gaston Lachaise 1932 . We didn’t get a chance to view the front !

“Petite boissons” or drinks caravan in the garden was popular due to the hot weather.

It’s not often you can see behind the beautiful French doors as you pass by !
However, we’re able to have a peek inside to the courtyard of this lovely home in central Paris !

Let’s zoom in ….Love the garden courtyard too !

There’s eye catching, high visibility apparel on show as we head back !
This inspires Bev to design a similar, French inspired, SafetyQuip uniform for the team!

We hear it’s freezing cold back in Melbourne !
This might just be the perfect stylish fashion for Bev whilst babysitting the grandchildren & visits to the playgrounds ! ?

It’s our last evening in France ! Thanks Ruth for sharing your home with us  & for your generous hospitality . Cheers everyone!

Au revoir  France, we’ve had a ball !l
We board the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth, a 6hr trip.
Who knows what adventures await us in Uk ….maybe even a wedding !?


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  1. We climbed the Arc a few years ago and arriving at the viewing landing found the elevator!

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