More fun in fantastic France !

Bev has a very difficult decision to make, what stylish fashion should she model today!? Mmmm…. What do you think? She finally chooses the colourful floral flowing pants and blazer with the sleek, bob cut wig ! When in France …..

Now ,we head west for an hours drive to the historic town of Rouen . Martin drives us there in his cool new Tesla with Edith and Ruth too. Rouen is the capital of Normandy and is a port city on the river Seine .

Once again, the French humour is evident here!

This beautiful church was built to commemorate the life and death of Joan of Arc. She was born in 1412, and is a patron saint of France, honoured as a defender of the French nation. Claiming to be acting under divine guidance, gaining recognition as a saviour of France. Later, her role in unsuccessful sieges reduced the courts faith in her. She was put on trial by the English Bishop on accusations of heresy –  including wearing men’s clothing & acting upon “demonic visions.”
The church declared her guilty, and she was “burned at the stake”, in 1431 age, at only 19 years of age in Rouen !

25 years later, the court overturned the verdict, declaring it was tainted by errors and deceit. She has been revered as a French martyr ever since.

The beautiful Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame is 13th century and was badly damaged by World War I and restored in the 20th century. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Look at the gothic detail & the elegant filigree here !

These 3  Madame’s came prepared for the short sun-shower on their tour of Rouen !

The following day, Ruth is our knowledgeable tour guide & drives us to the nearby affluent suburb of Saint- Germain- en-Laye .
The famous chateau was founded in 1020 & in the 16 century King James l of England exiled himself to the city after being deposed from the throne. It was also the French residence of many French monarchs. In 1862, Napoleon set up the “musee des antiquities” in the chateau. Louis XIV was born here, and the cities “coat of arms” shows a cradle and date of his birth on the the building .

The chateau is so large Bev & Ruth are only small specs in the pic her !

This angelic sculpture of a baby caught our attention & admiration on our walk.

Ruth suggests we buy some “real “ cheese from the Fromager, not from the supermarket! Mark chooses a small sliver of this fancy cheese at 42€ kg ! We savour it with a fresh baguette in the evening & it was very tasty !

As we wander the streets in Medan, Ruth points out this interesting historic Wash house which still has running water too!
Here is some great  information l found about their history :

Napoleon lll, as part of an ambitious public health programme to eradicate cholera and typhoid, he was the driving force behind an institution that revolutionised the life of France’s poor, and of women in particular: the municipal wash house.

Versions of the lavoir first appeared at the end of the 17th century, but it was Napoleon III who, in 1851, ordered their construction across the country, along with subsidies of up to 30% to help communes provide them.

Though they are no longer used, you still come across them, typically on the fringe of a village or town.

On the 21st June we walk into the village of Villennes sur Seine with Ruth to celebrate the 1st day of Summer  ! The friendly waitress takes our pic infront of the village 12th century church.



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  1. Hi guys so Notre Dame is fully restored after recent fires.? interesting story of Joan de Arc. So much history which some has made the way to our shores I vaguely remember her name probably history at school
    Lovely photos yet again thanks xx
    Wee u in 2 weeks brace yourselves so so freezing here!!

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