Tres chic, perfect Paris !

Oui, je suis tres chic aujourd’hui !! … yes, I am very chic today!
Bruce, not looking quite as stylish as Bev today, heads excitedly north to ….perfect Paris!

Villennes sur Seine , an outer small village of Grand Paris is our destination!

Our friends Edith & Martin &  Edith’s mother, Ruth, are on the steps to welcome us ! Ruth has kindly offered us her beautiful studio next to her home for our time in Paris. We managed to find a place just big enough for  good old Bruce in-front of their  house.

Day 1 – Edith has kindly offered to be our personal French tour guide in Paris today!  How lucky are we !? A short walk to the train station, and it’s not long, 20 minutes and we’re off exploring beautiful Paris.
After we exit the train station at St – Lazare we admire these huge interesting and creative monuments of clocks, and even suitcases!

it’s another beautiful, warm 28 degrees day in Paris, and soon we are standing in front of the famous pyramid of the Louvre museum. It’s a central landmark of the city and is located on the right bank of the Seine in the city’s first arrondissement. The Louvre pyramid is a large glass and metal structure designed by the Chinese-American architect Pei .The larger of the three pyramids serves as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum.

Mark takes this wonderful, happy selfie of us all !

We cross the bridge & meander along the riverside stalls & hunt for some souvenirs! You know l love an Eiffel Tower or 2 !

Now, what are the boys admiring here?… other, than the one & only ……

MONA LISA !! …..looking unusually happy & pleased with herself today ! Marks only souvenir purchase of the trip is this beautiful post card !! Ha Ha

Interesting art at the Palais Royale !

The river boats very busy today, and also pretty full of tourists admiring Paris in the sun.

Always entertainment in France ! The busker had a special trolley at the front of his piano to transport it ! Later in the afternoon the skies opened & there was an unexpected storm complete with heavy rain & hail ! ….we thought of him

It’s now well and truly time for some French fare ! Fortunately our amazing tour guide has made a reservation at the authentic French restaurant,  Bouillon Racine !
This beautiful restaurant has been in the sixth arrondissement  since 1906 created by the Chartier brothers & now classified as a historic monument, displaying the unique atmosphere of Paris in the 1900s.

Isn’t the decor so very French & such a great atmosphere.

Of course, when in Paris …..but they sure are “ slippery little suckers “, to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman !  Yes, so we shared the entree of escargots de Bourgogne Beurre D’ Ail Et Persia 🐌 & ticked that off our culinary “ “must eat in Paris list ! “

After enjoying a very special meal with our friends, we hit the pavements again and in total today, we rack up up 26,000 steps in the streets of Paris!

Just looking …..they would melt before we got home unfortunately! I’m always amazed at our creative these tiny cakes are !

Its about now that the heavens decide to open, and boy do they open! We manage to run to the closest little cafe and bunker down! Many of the tourists running past us are saturated and didn’t come prepared for the inclement weather. Luckily, the three women had remembered there umbrellas today!

Edith and I enjoy our green teas, relaxing and waiting for the rain to subside. After so much walking, it is a welcome break & time to reflect on our wonderful tour of Paris.

Bruce gives us a smile and a quick wink as he watches us trek up the street & back home .


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  1. Bev and Mark, we spent a wonderful day together in Paris. It was so nice to have you as our guests!!!
    We hope to see you again soon, in France, Germany or Australia!
    All the best, Edith and Martin

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