Family farm fun !

Buckle up again, our 2023 overseas adventures are not over yet!
Bruce is reinvigorated after his restful weekend and can’t wait to head west to Devon and the Plymouth region.  We excitedly drive down to have our much anticipated reunion with Kate and Al, who we haven’t been able to see for five years due to Covid ! Far too long for sure ! They are on holiday from Scotland & visiting Al’s sister who owns Warleigh  Barton  farm estate in Devon.

Now, who are these friendly folk trying to hitch a ride ?… Ahh, it’s Kate & Al !  They jump on board for a free ride in Bruce down the long road to the farmhouse.

There’s plenty of room here for Bruce next to the very old barn, 15th century.

This is the front of the beautiful  Warleigh Barton farmhouse.
The Warleigh Estate dates back to the 11th century when Sampson  De Foliot sailed up the Tavy estuary looking for a sheltered settlement. It was developed as a deer park, and now a shooting estate & a diversified farm, spanning 480 acres of rolling hills including lake & solar farm.

The back of the historic homestead with the far left a self contained area available for rent on air BNB.

Al drives us down the property to the waters edge & prepares a fire for our welcome  barbecue dinner ! Before long it is cooked and ready to eat ! Nothing like an outdoor barbie watching the sunset together.

The following day we explore the large property on foot & have a handy map …..but somewhere we took a wrong turn !?

We found the solar farm & circumnavigated it with the 4 dogs 🐶 leading us…..or not !?

Some sheep herding is required by us at one point because they ran away from the  dogs – in the wrong direction!

You may have noticed, Bev is always at the rear hence all theses wonderful pics ! Ha !

We stop for the mandatory selfie at the hilltop , with river in background .
!Hi everyone!

Our amazing views  & then in the distance we spot this grand historic building called Warleigh House .

l think it’s worth a closer look !

Warleigh House is owned by Robert Kilroy- Silk since 2015  & on 140 acres of manicured grounds on the Tavy  estuary.

The farm requires many metres of new fencing & we receive a quick lesson & demonstration from this affable chap on how it’s done ! It’s  definitely not an easy , quick job ! He works 12 hr days but seems to enjoy it.

Naturally, after a long interesting exploration of the farm property, we are starving and visit this quaint 16th century Inn for dinner.  It’s called “who’d have thought it Inn !”
It was an adventure just to get there through the tiny, narrow bush lined country streets but with  Al at the wheel it was great fun ! We enjoyed a delicious dinner together with lots of laughs as usual.

Today  we visit the Eden Project, not too far away in Cornwall. The project is located in a re-claimed clay pit. It has a dramatic global garden housed in tropical biomes that nestle into the crater. You  track through the worlds largest indoor forest & and you can discover the fascinating range of plants there.

The Black Honey Bee, native to Scotland .


The Australian exhibition included many different coloured kangaroo paw varieties.

A lovely afternoon meandering along the the garden paths  & enjoying the environment at the Eden Project.

Thanks for  another wonderful mini holiday, Kate & Al !

On driving out we come across an escapee white horse in our path ! ? Oh boy …..

Our last day in UK is spent with Mark working in Mike & Pinki’s conservatory !  What a view though, with boats of all types & sizes gliding past constantly. We could get used to this !

That’s a wrap for our 2023  overseas adventures !

Hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences & that maybe, you felt were there with us vicariously !
Our trusty companion, Bruce, is safe & sound until next we meet  !

6 thoughts on “Family farm fun !

  1. I love reading about your travels and thank you for sharing your amazing adventures. Living your best life xx

  2. Thank you both so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us. Always so interesting. Loved seeing Kate and Al too.

  3. Loved seeing you all together at the end of your great holiday, Catherine’s farm looks so interesting now, didn’t see lots of it when we were there, I know they were so looking forward to seeing you both…….see you soon

  4. M+B

    Enjoyed your posts again this year. Have a safe trip back to Aus.

  5. It was a great holiday walkthrough and I appreciated sitting in cold Victoria and seeing some of Europe. They were excellent shots and I crave the warmth.

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