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Do you know the population of France?

You may ask, “What is the population of France in 2014?” In short, A LOT!! …… 66 million and we know where they all are!!?……


Yep, they are down here with us in the South of France at the beach, in Cap d’Agde! Don’t know what the sand looked like as you couldn’t see any! Beach umbrellas and bronzed bodies everywhere! We managed to squeeze Bruce into a camping spot for one night & whilst we enjoyed the summer holiday atmosphere, we soon ventured inland again!

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Basking in Basque

Bruce bravely ventures along “challenging”, narrow, winding mountain passes as he heads to northern Spain. At times we have to breath-in & pray when we approach oncoming traffic! Cliffs / rock overhangs, with many blind corners and bus/trucks rounding the bend at any moment!! With such large rock overhangs it is impossible for Bruce to hug his side of the road!?!


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Specatular surprise as Bruce rounds the bend

Hola!   Hola!   We couldn’t wait a week to share this blog with you…. How could  a place be so intoxicatingly awe inspiring!?! Bev has taken soooo many photos the camera wants to go on strike!! (actually Strike if we were in France – but Siesta as we are in Spain!) Ha!! Choosing the best ones has been near impossible, hence there are many!… Hope you enjoy the picture show!… This has to be our favorite “find” to-date!IMG_6936

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Fantastic Flamenco

Fantastic Flamenco “wows” us in Seville!! After having not been impressed with the flamenco dancing exhibition in the town square at Mijas …. OK ….. it was free – what do you expect, we were gobsmacked by the Flamenco Show at Los Gallos, Seville. We had heard that Seville was the reported “centre” of Flamenco in Spain. We now know why!! We enjoyed the purest, traditional dance, song and guitar flamenco in the oldest Tabloa in Seville with the best artists! These guys and gals could really dance! It was a remarkable experience we shared with Anneke and Warren! A “must see” if you are ever in Seville. Unfortunately, no photos allowed during the performance but took one of the artistic stage backdrop & we managed to hijack the “star” of the show as he was leaving!!


IMG_4571 IMG_4578


Bev met her match?

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Torre del Mar camping

Soaking up the sun and sangrias at Torre del Mar, near Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Discovered a wonderful Camping park with beach opposite & beautiful wide paved/tiled promenade that goes for 3.4km. We dust the bikes off and cycle along the coast, along the promenade then keep going. It seems there is no end to the beach-front in Costa del Sol. Intricate sand sculptures, Chiringuito (snack bar) or a restaurante are about every 100m – right on the sand. They will have twenty or thirty parasols and sunbeds for you to hire after lunch too. Overnight the calm waters have become large pounding surf.. and this is the Mediterranean??! The water is almost lapping at the sunbeds now!!IMG_4385 IMG_4389 Continue reading Torre del Mar camping