Specatular surprise as Bruce rounds the bend

Hola!   Hola!   We couldn’t wait a week to share this blog with you…. How could  a place be so intoxicatingly awe inspiring!?! Bev has taken soooo many photos the camera wants to go on strike!! (actually Strike if we were in France – but Siesta as we are in Spain!) Ha!! Choosing the best ones has been near impossible, hence there are many!… Hope you enjoy the picture show!… This has to be our favorite “find” to-date!IMG_6936

Leaving marvelous Madrid, Bruce headed North East to an aire in Palencia for two nights where we had “work” to do! Mark was busy with SafetyQuip …. and Bev had hundreds of photos to choose from for our Madrid blog & then the writing!!! Not a lot to discover in Palencia so we continued North towards the coast!

Choosing quieter secondary roads through amazing valley and mountain scenery contrasting with the south of Spain. We drove peacefully for about four hours and saw only a handful of cars!

IMG_6652 IMG_6677 IMG_6718 IMG_6690

Around every bend was another majestic mountain and then our jaws dropped at what was ahead!!

Here comes………………Bruce ………………around the bend!!

IMG_6754 IMG_6757IMG_6901

It’s rare that words escape Bev!!              We both said in unison, “we have to stay here!”

This is the village of Riaño, part of the Picos de Europa National Park in Spain.

Hopefully the photos do it justice…..

IMG_6971 IMG_6868

It only gets better as we follow the signs up to the fantastic camping park with million dollar views. Plus, the park has super friendly staff, they even came out of the office to warmly greet us!! Excellent facilities, including spotless amenities (and an great restaurant and bar  – the kitchen opens at 8:30pm). Camping Riaño. Their website is here  http://www.campingrianopicosdeeuropa.com/default.aspx

IMG_6784 IMG_6804

Bev keeps getting distracted by the majestic, serene panoramic views as she writes this! Also by the sounds of cowbells clanging in the distant valleys and the chiming of the old church bells!


Hiking up the mountain behind our camping park we once again are blown away!! 360 degree views.

IMG_6846 IMG_6830



Check out our video here:

IMG_6952 There is a rather sad story behind the making of this beautiful scene. In 1987, under the bridge there was an old village that was sacrificed to make way for the dam. The Camping Park owner was telling us the story – he was seven at the time when his family was uprooted!

This church was dismantled stone – by – stone and rebuilt as part of the new town.

Taken during our trek up the mountain looking down on the Camping Park. Can you spot Bruce?

IMG_6967 IMG_6821 IMG_6812 IMG_6806

Bev’s meal was veal steaks with blue cheese and peppers. Mark is holding the menu!!

IMG_6813 IMG_6789



For those who need to see MORE, click this link: http://wp.me/P3d6Ek-hl

Yes, our camera tripod came in handy for this shot!


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  1. Those views are stunning. That moment when something takes your breath away needs to be cherished. You’ve made me want to visit

  2. A travelers dream, well done.Have been really enjoying your experiences. Keep on enjoying. BJ xx

  3. Hi there you lucky ones, I wish I was with you, how did you get the photo of Bruce on the bend, first day off since Spain trip, good pics. Pummy xx

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