Bikes…. and bikers!!!!

Whilst Mark ventured across Spain on a bike, Bev was entertained by the Bikies (er!! Bikers) in Le Cap d’Agde in the South of France for their annual rally.IMG_9670

Over 3,000 amazing bikes from all over France & Europe took over the town and created a great atmosphere for a week!!. It’s a rally for Harley Davidsons, Gold Wings Customs and Trikes!! Lionel Chante Johnny was entertaining and performing rock & roll (in French) at the local restaurant with everyone singing, clapping, dancing ….. and of course Bev was dragged onto the dance floor once or twice!!??!


There was a group of friendly guys from Grenoble who had ridden their bikes down for the 5 day rally who were also staying at Camping La Clape. Bev was invited to join them for delicious meals of the local speciality – “moules & frites” (mussels and fries). Mussels are very popular on the south coast. This was supplemented with wine and liquers (their own). Bily, a comedian of “Animations Spectacles” (check out was hilarious & entertained us all. Thanks to Guy (from Grenoble) for being my personal French => English translator……. I think I understood some of the jokes & conversations!?!?!IMG_9677IMG_9700 photo4 photo3 photo5

photo2 photo1

Wonderful walking / bike paths & many different beaches to choose between (White, yellow or black sand) & excellent snorkeling too!!.

IMG_9772 IMG_9751 IMG_9769 IMG_9748

Boating is big here with 3,500 moored at the marinas!IMG_9648photo7

Have I mentioned dogs?? Everyone has a petit chien …… or 4!?IMG_9755



IMG_9745 IMG_9741

Meanwhile ……  on a bike far, far away …… about 1,000 peregrinos (pilgrims) per day were completing their Camino de Santiago. Not many were on bicicletas (bicycles). Starting in Pamplona and finishing in Santiago de Compostela was the route chosen by Mark. The track was tough going, the days were hot or wet – but he persevered and succeeded.

Mark has created a video list of his Camino de Santiago. click here

Rolling hills and a lovely smooth path – not always like this, but welcome when it happens!

At various points along the track, there would be a field of little rock piles with a WISH note attached.

IMG_3455 IMG_3456

The track was often like mountain bike riding. Many hills, washouts, very slow sections.IMG_3476 IMG_3477 IMG_3484 IMG_3486 IMG_3521 IMG_3535 IMG_3537 IMG_3551 IMG_3571 IMG_3581

Modern churches and bridges built by the Romans;  the trip was full of surprises!IMG_3611 IMG_3619 IMG_3622 IMG_3631 IMG_3635 IMG_3641

The highest point reached was 1500 metres and this was a rainy day.IMG_3648 IMG_3678 IMG_3690 IMG_3700

Some of the sleeping arrangements (my mattress in the corner) at ArberguesIMG_3712 IMG_3720

Made it to the end, of course the main Cathedral is under renovation!!!IMG_3732 IMG_3743

The most popular or most desired route was marked so you did not take the wrong turn and end up on a motorway or in the wrong town. The WAY MARKERS were many and varied, at times hard to see, but at other times so obvious you couldn’t see the wood for the trees!!

IMG_3522IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3525 IMG_3526 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530 IMG_3531 IMG_3706 IMG_3709


Certificate of Camino 2014


The certificate is in Latin, it reads:

The CHAPTER of this holy apostolic and metropolitan Church of Compostela, guardian of the seal of the Altar of the blessed Apostle James, in order that it may provide authentic certificates of visitation to all the faithful and to pilgrims from all over the earth who come with devout affection or for the sake of a vow to the shrine of our Apostle St. James, the patron and protector of Spain, hereby makes known to each and all who shall inspect this present document that [Name] has visited this most sacred temple for the sake of pious devotion. As a faithful witness of these things I confer upon him [or her] the present document, authenticated by the seal of the same Holy Church.

Given at Compostela on the [day] of the month of [month] in the year of the Lord [year].

Deputy Canon for Pilgrims

You can view more details including individual videos, photos, map and more info here: CLICK HERE


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  1. Nice one dad! Congrats on making it to the end. Some of those castle/church’s look incredible in terms of complexity and size.. I wonder how they were built without harnesses and anchor points!

  2. You made it Mark well done can’t wait to hear about it in person soon! Hope the bike didn’t give you any grief.
    Bev glad to see your R&R went well too! Where r all the handsome French men?
    Happy to see your reunited with Mark.
    Loved the u tubes and photos.
    Thank care missing u both
    A&N xxoo