Marvellous Madrid

IMG_6079Washing and blog day under the gum trees at Camping Madalena, near Porto, Portugal.

It’s been fantastic with fiestas, religious celebrations & of course the Spanish king’s coronation ….. all quite by accident too!!


Riding along the beautiful coast, we stumble upon a fiesta. The small coastal village Sanhor de Pedro (almost suburban Porto) held a colourful fiesta that goes back to when the Chapel was built in 1686. The street light decorations were spectacular, lining the small streets!

IMG_6117 IMG_6106 IMG_6105 IMG_6100

Traditional food stalls everywhere!! We gravitated towards the Farturas Stall … . . mmmm What on earth is a farturas? Sounds ominous!? We had to buy some of this for sure! It comes in about 1 metre lengths & is cut into pieces & dipped in icing sugar—– similar taste/texture to a doughnut.! Not bad at all really!

IMG_6097 IMG_6099IMG_6113

Next, an old lady was selling small biscuits and Bev wanted just a couple__ but she ended up filling a box, weighing it on an ancient scales. Bev thought she said €30, & nearly fainted, but no, €7 sounded like €30 in Portuguese – Ha!.IMG_6110 IMG_6111

The amusement rides were there too & the main attraction was the Kanguru ride!!? Even the truck that transported it has the name Kanguru!! IMG_6095 IMG_6096

The whole fiesta came alive at 10pm – just after dark.  Again the good lights on the bikes came in handy – it was close to midnight when we headed home – more and more people arriving as we left – the fiesta goes till dawn for four days!!

IMG_6155Came across these washing lines on the Douro River near the main part of Porto.





Hams, chorizo & cheap vino tinto everywhere.

IMG_6173 IMG_6175 IMG_6174

Driving east we cross the Portuguese border into Spain & head for stunning Salamanca! Historic universities, palaces & famous cathedrals. IMG_6185This cathedral was begun in 1150. Interesting contemporary elements like the astronaut & cute dog motifs were added by the masons & restorers in 1992.

IMG_6195 IMG_6196IMG_6193


IMG_6190The palace wall was covered in decorative shell motifs & this was to signify the wedding between two members of nobility!

We cycled over the historic Roman bridge!! Imagine a bridge built 2,000 years ago, still being used today!! Their engineering and building skills were amazing.IMG_6215 IMG_6219

Thought it IMG_6242would be interesting to visit Toledo as this used to be the capital before Madrid! The streets were decorated with flowers, ribbons, colourful flags and even chalk pictures on the sidewalk. The city was abuzz with activity & excitement in preparation for the street parade that night, celebrating Corpus Christi. We were a bit early – Mark, waiting for parade!!? Holy Toledo!

IMG_6273 IMG_6271 IMG_6253 IMG_6275


We had discussed not going to Madrid as we prefer the smaller cities/villages!!…… What can we say – Marvellous Madrid!! Having parked Bruce in a camping park near a metro line, we threw a few things in a backpack & headed to Madrid by train, a 45 minute ride. IMG_6310 IMG_6351When we exit the metro (come back to ground level) we realize we are in the middle of the coronation celebrations and fanfare! Yellow & red flags are handed to us and there are super large TV screens showing the live coronation of King Felipe VI. We happen to be in the best position to watch the screens and then the live procession & motorcade!! Thousands line the streets and the atmosphere was joyful with most approving of the abdication of King Carlos and the coronation of his son Felipe. When the new King and Queen pass us, we receive the “Royal Wave”!!? The police and military are all out in force but fortunately all goes smoothly.

IMG_6353 IMG_6347 IMG_6381

Our hotel is smack in the middle of the action & is terrific! Found it on and cost €66 for the night. IMG_6404As we check in we hear someone behind us ask “Are you Mr & Mrs Bartlett???” IMG_6406Turning around we are facing another Mr & Mrs Bartlett who have also just arrived. This confused the hotel staff who thought one of us had double booked!! Ha! Joe and Doris Bartlett are from California & we enjoyed discovering the nightlife of Madrid with them. A great couple & we hope to catch up with them in San Sebastian next week too!

Fascinating, friendly, vibrant, interesting, historic … all adjectives for Madrid!IMG_6378 IMG_6373 IMG_6366 IMG_6368

Our 2 hour walking tour with guide was excellent & worthwhile. Check them out here Started on Plaza Mayor (adjacent to our Hotel Plaza Mayor).

IMG_6370Saw the oldest restaurant in the world (Has a Guinness Book of Records certificate stating such in the window!!) You can make a booking online if you wish — Goes back to 1725.



The royal palace was very elegant & largest palace in Europe.IMG_6390 IMG_6385

The Prado Museum is world famous & we spent 7 hours trying to absorb the amazing paintings and sculptures.


Many interesting street art in Madrid too!

IMG_6436 IMG_6440

The Buen Retiro Park (Spanish: Parque del Buen Retiro, literally “Park of the Pleasant Retreat”, or simply El Retiro) is the one of the largest parks of the city of Madrid, Spain. The park belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it became a public park.

IMG_6426 IMG_6430

Never a dull moment when driving – traffic light entertainment in Madrid.IMG_6454 IMG_6452

Next stop Segovia, north-west of Madrid. The Roman aqueduct is 1st century BC!!! A masterpiece of Roman hydraulic engineering, whose masons were so precise they have neither mortar or cement to join them – however water still flowed for 15kms from the source of the water into the town!! When it got to the town, it then went underground to the fort (now Alcazar (palace)). World Heritage Site.IMG_6475 IMG_6477IMG_6467IMG_6491

Intriguing castles in so many villages.

IMG_6517 IMG_6525 IMG_6528 IMG_6540

Taken from the tower of the castle, can you spot Bruce?

Followed this religious celebration that moved through the tiny little village from shrine to shrine! Priest, band, traditional costume & dancers with wooden sticks.

IMG_6563 IMG_6576


Mark was able to capture the moment of the dance – it is worth clicking on the you tube link below:


Relishing the opportunities to experience other cultures and history.

IMG_6612 IMG_6616 IMG_6622



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