The Magic of Munich!

Yes, we arrived in München (Munich) Airport in time to collect Wonderful Whitney, then drove to a beautiful camp on a lake (Camping am Pilsensee) to relax and hear about her adventure in America !!


We found Munich to be an attractive and interesting city which was brimming with visitors keen to raise a beer in support of OKTOBERFEST! Popular buskers, piano on wheels in parks and of course, surfing on the river made for a fun day of exploring!!??

IMG_9865 IMG_9875 IMG_9881 IMG_9890 IMG_9894 IMG_9901

IMG_9906Camping Obermenzing was our next stay, close to Munich and where Whitney was reunited with her close friends from Australia. Everyone enjoyed meeting Bruce too!


The Deutsches Museum was truly amazing, displaying many historic planes, rockets, etc. From Orville and Wilbur Wrights original plane to nanotechnology – it covered a large range of topics. Many displays had text in English.

A small tram ride took us to Schloss Nymphenberg (Baroque Palace in suburban Munich), built in 1664, 500 acres of parks and gardens which was home to the past rulers of Bavaria!

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WOW!! – That’s what we though on arrival at Theresienwiese – the fairgrounds in the heart of Munich – home to OKTOBERFEST. Soooooo many beer (drinking) “tents” …. actually Pavilions really! Wall to wall people dressed in traditional Bavarian Lederhosen and Dirndl (boy and girl) attire. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest funfair, in its 181st year. Not all about beer – but mostly.

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It was fantastic to again catch up with Bluey and our friends from Australia Mark and Mireille in the inappropriately named town Bad Tölz; as it was not at all bad!! Mark in his new Bavarian felt hat and the girls modeling the latest in their matching red woolen jackets in the picturesque streets of Bad Tölz!!

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  1. Seems to be a familiar face in a photo with Whitney, Elise was so happy to catchup with (bump into) her at OKTOBERFEST. Love Neil and Alison

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