Checklist almost complete…

………Sunlounge, snorkel, “sunnies”, stacks of sun lotion, …… whoops …… oh ……. I’m meant to be discussing Mark’s checklist and final preparations for his “Tour de España” ……. El Camino Challenge!


What? How is all that going to fit in your bike panniers? It’s amazing how all the “essential” items add up!!


When you read this, Mark will be driving a hire car he collected from Montpellier Friday, to his starting point, Pamplona, Spain!! He will arrive Sunday & hopefully his “hired” bike and panniers will be waiting at the hostel for him. A trial training ride to check the bike is “ship-shape” (wrong metaphor choice) & ready for action first thing Monday morning.

IMG_9343IMG_9376 IMG_9397 IMG_9399 IMG_9414 IMG_9417 IMG_9539IMG_9607IMG_9400

The Côte d’Azur has lived up to its name with idyllic, stunning, aqua beaches!! We swam/snorkelled & relaxed at our private beach we discovered whilst kayaking at Le Lavandou, south of Saint Tropez……all the hard bike-training & Mark even manages a snooze of 10 mins (unheard of for him!).

IMG_9558 IMG_9559 IMG_9575 IMG_9580

Our Camping du Domaine with it’s 1,200 camping sites was full of mainly German and French. Not an Aussie in sight!! Ha!. It’s perfect location on the slopes overlooking the Mediterranean & even Bruce has a sneak view of the sea and passing yachts! Crowds on the beach all enjoying “family fun” & well behaved. Every kind of watercraft is out there!!

Their website:

Images of the location and activities:


IMG_9587Hello …… here comes the beignet (donut) and ice-cream singing salesman!!! Mark succumbs!!! Ha! Planes are flying past with advertising banners ….. The circus is on Sunday & would you believe, more “bull events” — this time they are coaxing them into the piscine (swimming pool)????

The end of August and the end of summer holidays for French and German ….. Bev is looking forward to having the pool to herself & completing some laps too!!

All Sytems Go!! & Mark ‘s exciting adventure beckons. I’m going to miss him heaps but know he will “enjoy” & gain a lot from amazing experiences and the new challenges that are ahead. Our blog continues, however it may be disrupted by the odd mountain climb or two, physical exhaustion, bad internet connections, heatwaves, storms …. Sweaty palms, …… you get the idea!!?!

You may well be asking “is it wise to leave Bev and Bruce in the South of France – left to their own devices …….. mmm what shenanigans will they get up to????”

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7 thoughts on “Checklist almost complete…

  1. I was just wondering. Is there a support vehicle traveling with Mark or does he have to carry all that equipment? I did spot half a roll of toilet paper. Are you sure that is enough? I would hate for you to be stuck up a mountain and run out. Keep safe both of you. Spring has arrived in Melbourne so it should be nice and warm for your return.

  2. Enjoy your wonderful ride Mark. Keep those home fires burning Bev.!!!!!!
    JIm & Bette.

  3. Hello Bev,

    Just a little message to thank you for the nice time we had in your company at La Clape’s camping during our biker’s trip. I now know Australia a little bit more, despite the translation problems (especially for my friends !!).

    I wish you and Mark all the best for your epic journey, drop me a word if you ever go around l’Alpes D’Huez!
    [My wooonderful son Victor helped me a lot writing this message in English]

    Guy, from Grenoble

    1. Bonjour Guy,

      Thank you for your message and for being a very good translator for me !!
      I really enjoyed spending time with you all and trying to learn french !?
      I have some photos to send you to your email soon .
      My husband, Mark, is back and a bit tired after his long 780km in 9 days adventure!
      We are putting up our blog tomorrow with more information if you are interested … might be in it too ! ha!
      Thanks again for your kindness. if we are near Grenoble in the future it would be great to catch up !(meet you )
      Also thank Victor for his excellent help in writing your message !
      Bev, from Australia 🙂

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