Let’s Split!!

We continue our adventure heading north, experiencing the amazing Adriatic coast and it’s beaches and historic cities.

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Camping Stobrec, near Split,  is a green oasis surrounded by sea with delicious restaurant and is a destination itself!.

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Split’s famous Diocletian’s Palace – impressive Roman ruins from 300 A.D. is more like a small walled city than a traditional palace. Over the centuries, the inhabitants of the palace, and then the citizens of Split, adapted this space to their needs so buildings in the inner and outer walls and towers greatly changed their original appearance. The maze of streets contain shops, many restaurants and also local residences. One of the best things to do was to just get lost wandering!!.!. . !!

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Bishop Gregory of Nin – 925AD (and Bev 1959 AD)!!


Marko Marulic 1450 AD (and Mark 1959 AD) !!

We seem to be following the grey clouds north, fortunately the weather does not get the better of us!!

Gorgeous, tiny, UNESCO listed Trogir is really a town museum and one of the best preserved Romanesque/Gothic towns of Europe. The core of the town is a castle and fortress surrounded by city walls and it’s magnificent cathedral.

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Saint Sebastian’s church (1476 AD) was built as an offering by the citizens of Trogir in thanks for deliverance from the Plague – 50% of Europe’s population died at this time!! . Also against the west wall is a plaque bearing names of the fallen defenders in the Homeland Wars (1991 – 1995).


Trogir is situated on a small island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo – where we are staying.


We have found another hidden gem, Camping Rozac with it’s beautiful beaches with crystal clear water!! Thank you Jay and Ju – ourtour.co.uk. Bruce peers out between the trees and loves his view.

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We cycle back into Trogir for a 9pm performance by students of Split in the ancient town hall courtyard!! We were in awe of this young orchestra and it’s captivating hour-long performance.! The venue created a wonderful atmosphere too. At one stage the wind rustled in and almost blew their music sheets away. Bev came to the rescue. (We had front row seats).

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We weren’t really that impressed with this seaside bar called POMFREE BAR . . . . . we opted to buy our drinks from the bar with the best seats  on the coast!!!

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    1. Hello Nettie,
      We are having a great time, as you can tell!!

      Have a great day,
      Mark n Bev.

  1. More fantastic destinations & interesting, colourful descriptions, great photos…..we feel we’re there!

    1. Howdy Dad,
      Glad you like the posts. Bit of work in them, Bev does all the work, I just apply the technology. She sorts out which photos of the hundreds she takes, then does the text. Great job !!

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  2. So Cool u beach goers. The clear water looks amazing. Croatia looks wonderful. Tristan and Elise loved it there.
    Only one more week to work then hols! Looking forward to warm
    Weather. U r clever going before the crowds arrive . Counting down the week s until we catch up !!☀️❤️☀️☀️

    1. Howdy, all should be back to normal in Paris by the time we catch up, except UEFA 2016 will still be happening. Will be busy. Will be great!!!
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      Mark n Bev.

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