Zadar, the main city of northern Dalmatia, was damaged by bombs during 2nd World War and by Yugoslav rockets in 1991 – but it has been rebuilt and restored retaining much of its old flavour and controversially new modern buildings.

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We wander past the churches – particularly interesting is the white circular 9th Century Church of St. Donatus.IMG_0913
Modern, concrete buildings line the inlet.IMG_0932

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Zadar’s one of a kind, “SEA ORGAN” (Morske Orgulje) designed by a local artist, attracted the crowds. The Sea Organ is a series of perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea with a system of pipes and whistles that create an unusual sound – like sighs or even mournful sounds when the movement of the sea pushes wind through the pipes. Very creative!

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Also by the same artist is “the greeting to the sun”, a large circular arrangement of LED lights on the ground that change colours and patterns at sunset!

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Football!! Croatia loves their football! The UEFA is every four years and this year it is hosted in France and Croatia is going well.

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Could we park any closer to the coast?!!… Overnight stop traveling North again. A small Autocamp in Senj.

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