Slamni, Otok Krk……

Next stop, the beautiful Otok Krk, Croatia  – Island of Krk!! We pay the 35 kuna (AUD 7) toll to cross the 1.4km long bridge from mainland to the island.


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Now . . . we are relaxing at Camping Slamni, in the quaint fishing village of Klimno on the Island of Krk. Intended to stay one or two days – we ended up staying a glorious week!! Warm to hot weather ideal for swimming, eating fresh fruit from a local roadside stall, discovering we love fresh seafood restaurants (very well priced!!) and reading/relaxing in the beach bar which is 10 metres from Bruce!

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The fact that we are traveling in June (not the peak July/August) and the flexibility and freedom of the motorhome allows us to stay longer at these special destinations. Bruce is only 20 metres from the beach – and the beach bar!

We squeezed in some bike riding too. Mark took off to the other end of the island (25km) to the wake boarding park . . . . . riding back in 35 degree heat but after a great wake boarding experience.
Camping Slamni is a small beachfront camp particularly great for us and young families with it’s protected bay and warm water.

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Nearby Soline is popular for therapeutic mud baths used in the treatment of skin disease, rheumatic disorders, etc. This change room, (supplied by the supermarket) stands incongruously amongst the mud flats! . . . you may ask “is that us coated in mud”?!!!! . . . No, too hot for us!!

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To celebrate the beginning of summer, the camp hosted a free “fish dinner & folk music night” held in a huge tavern underneath the main reception building.!! The band (klapa) were entertaining singing Capella (Croation music) whilst we were treated to fresh, delicious sardines cooked by the owner in the traditional fireplace. We are now converts to sardines!! Free wine too!! Local zlahtina white wine – also made by the owners.

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We’ve enjoyed chatting to our “neighbours”, Dutch, German, Austrian and Italian! Luckily they seem to love having a chat in English.
Frank, Stephanie and little Vincent from Germany are our neighbours.

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Annaliese and Tom(left) from Netherlands – near Rotterdam and Oliver and Bridgett from near Munich in Germany.IMG_1278

An enjoyable day-trip to the town of Krk.

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It seems we have made a spectacle of the bears!!!  . . . . . how many pairs of glasses does Bev really need????????

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At last we discovered the elusive brown bear!!


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