No room at the “Inn!!”

Mark was particularly keen to visit the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, so  we head off.

However, after a long, winding drive up high above Bilbao to the recommended motorhome parking area, we discover a sign “ completo !” Apparently 80 other motorhomes had beaten us to it – no room at the Inn !!

So Bev snaps these pictures of the large city of Bilboa below , from our high vantage point, as we descend back down the mountain.

It looks like high-density living down there for sure!

By now it’s late afternoon , and Bruce is tired & has requested a peaceful night sleep, so we end up at this very quiet spot for free camp…… in front of the local cemetery, at beautiful Bermeo  !! Can’t spot any noisy ghosts !??

You may notice Bruce decided to park facing the cemetery…. the odd man out !!

The pretty seaside fishing town of Bermeo is quite charming, but it has a sad history.

in 1878, there was a violent sea storm ( Galerna in basque)  causing 322 fishermen to die. Then in 1912, another storm killed 134 fishermen and wiped out many of the men in the village ! It was heartbreaking for the village & all the women & children left behind.

There are beautiful bronze statues scattered throughout the streets, depicting scenes from a bygone era !!

Women were very important in the fishing industry, and the statues depict this, statues of them, carrying packages of fish on their head to market.

Despite it’s a small population, Bermeo is one of the important fishing ports in the basque country.

We wander through the small colourful village streets and pass old Fortress walls.

The local hospital looks rather grand, but we don’t plan a visit there!

Ahhh, Bev finds some delightful outfits for the grandchildren for their coming birthdays and Christmas!?? ……lucky them !?

We are excited when we discover a lookalike for our grandson, Bohdi !… Looks like he’s a star in the Francesco circus !

Clocking up the steps is thirsty work and we had to stop at this pretty blue bar,  aptly named the “OKER” bar !!

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  1. M+B…We stayed in the aire overlooking Bilbao, very popular and a fabulous view. Cannot say we thought the same about the Guggenheim, far too contemporary and of beat for our liking. Nothing like NY. Love the village photos.
    Keep safe and enjoy the tapas whilst you can.

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