Spectacular Spanish Seasides !

Motoring along, we drive through old villages like Castropol & past evidence of recent bushfires too.

Eventually we’re back on the coastal roads & then……

WOW !! …..We are at “ picture  perfect “ Cudillero !

It’s really spectacular & so colourful. It’s a Sunday & has a great atmosphere with visitors enjoying the view & lunch .


Mark hikes up these many stairs, high above, for these great pics looking down over the village!

Bev is content to take in the vista over an ice cold sangria !

Eastwards we continue , through more long tunnels  & mountains !

There has been low clouds & a foggy haze most of the day. We arrive at Ribadesella  & can just see the mountains behind the low clouds at the Marina.

We dust our bikes off & ride along the seafront . Mark poses infront  of this impressive hotel, Villa Rosario .


Duty calls, even when we’re on holidays! Bev slaves away at the local Lavandaria or Launderette, €4 for wash & €3 for dry !


Meanwhile , Mark has work meeting in Bruce  ! He usually gets up early & works for the morning  before we can then head off .

Well, we’re off now to Comillas, in the Cantabria region of Spain. The Cementerio Ruta Moderista was our 1st stop.


Wandering down to the seaside for lunch Bev orders the local specialty of Rabas (fried squid) which was so fresh it was still wiggling on the plate!?


Mark was far less adventurous & opted for the old  ham, egg & fries! (can’t remember Spanish name) .

Refuelled, we trek back up the hill to visit El Capricho, a villa / palace created by the famous ANTONI GAUDI ! This is his earliest work & one of the few outside Barcelona.



Mark reflects with Gaudi on the wonder of this unique villa, inspired by nature….they could be brothers !? Ha !


Inside we admire the beautiful wooden ceilings & carved chairs . The double armchair is very unique & comfortable too!

Sadly, Gaudi had a tragic death, being hit by a tram on his way to church in Barcelona .  Unfortunately, at this period in his life , he had an unkempt, shabby appearance & the local taxi drivers refused to take this “ tramp” to hospital….Little did they know,  he was the famous architect ! He was eventually taken to a hospital for the poor & died 3 days later.  The taxi drivers were were later fined by the police for their actions.



Short of cash we search for a bank …..or hole in the wall ….found one

Tonight we stay in the small village of Santillana del Mar, where the town clock chimes loudly, on the hour every hour, even through the night! Oh boy!

We leave the next morning pretty tired & head for Bilbao & the famous Guggenheim museum!



6 thoughts on “Spectacular Spanish Seasides !

  1. Love, love, loving your photos and commentary. The buildings and sights are so spectacular looking forward to many more.
    We’re home from our 6 wk Qld holiday, missed you guys on the Sunny Coast this year. The weather was fabulous.

  2. Just love the colourful seaside villages with different coloured buildings around the hills, you are so lucky with the weather too. Didn’t like the look of the said Bev, I’m with Mark! Enjoy

  3. What a beautiful part of the world,we certainly feel that we are there with you Mark and Bev. Liked Antoni Gaudi’s building too, everything so colourful.

  4. We stayed on the break wall in Cudillero in 2019 excellent Tapas from memory. Some great photos. Keep safe.

  5. Wow looks just like the Amalfi coast very pretty sea side villages. All looks amazing enjoy!

  6. Spectacular shots of the seaside town and the many photos. It looks a great spot and the colors in most seaside towns are fabulous. You both look well and this was a great batch of photos. Enjoying the tour.

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