Donostia – San Sebastián part 2!!

It’s a pleasant 6 km ride through the green forest hills and into stunning San Sebastian, or Donostia in Basque.
The caravan park also provides a free bus shuttle going regularly down to the local bus  where it’s a short trip into the town centre.

There are three spectacular, long, beautiful & sandy beaches in San Sebastian, with an elegant, white promenade too of course!

The weather is a perfect 24 and sunny ! There  are many enjoying the beach & city today.

We admire the large creative sand art along the  beaches & notice a large sheet for donations , and tools/ rakes used  to create this sand creation….we throw some money down ! They are only able to create these large sand designs at low tide, washed away quickly as the tide comes in unfortunately.

There are so many small interesting lane ways in the town and Bev even  does some shopping  !

It’s a wonderful atmosphere here with numerous Pinxtos bars with delicious little treats to delight the taste buds! Too many choices for us !

Beautiful old churches & elegant buildings captured our attention too .


This the beautiful architecturally designed post office !

We had sore calf muscles the following day after we trekked up the many stairs of the old fortifications high above for these magnificent views of the beach La Concha.

Exhausted , hot & sweaty ……

….then we spot this sign , yes the Spanish think of everything!

Fortunately , we could cool off with liquid refreshments  admiring the view ! …..Mark enjoying his Spanish potato salad !

A somewhat confusing but extensive drinks menu is provided  !
What would you choose ??
Bev enjoyed a txakolina , which sounds rather exotic but actually a local white wine! Ha !

What goes up , must go ……down !


After a wonderful but hot day we return to our bikes , which are chained up at the 1st beach & ride back to camping  Igara via this long, nice cold tunnel !

3 thoughts on “Donostia – San Sebastián part 2!!

  1. Wow-that’s stunning BUT your blog left us infuriated! About ten years ago Pinki and I were driving from Madrid to London and decided to stop off in San Sebastian to grab some lunch and have a look around. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get parked so we just left and went on our way. I had no idea it was so ‘sensational’ – I didn’t even know it had a beach. typical.

    1. Mike, wait till you see what else you missed out on. San Sebastián is in the next post too !!


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