Grab a kayak, but first …..!

But first …. business before pleasure today.
Mark makes his grand appearance from Bruce modelling his favourite, famous, snazzy red trousers! .…NO shorts today !!

Mark had emailed one of our safety suppliers, who lives in San Sebastián, that we were staying. He kindly offered to collect us & drove us to his premises for an impressive tour of his premises – Portwest including Base Footwear.

Pictured here with Inigo & Alicia.

Their warehouse is very large with even more plans for expansion. The modern warehouse system includes state-of-the-art, automated picking systems ….

Inigo is passionate about his business & in particular, the latest technology they are using for their safety footwear. He explains to us about the extensive research that has gone into all these products.

Their range of safety footwear is vast & covers many industries.

The many styles of white, food manufacturing footwear was very impressive for sure!

After our interesting & informative tour of Base International we were treated to a true Basque lunch with Inigo & Alicia at their favourite Basque restaurant, Portuetxe Erretegia.
We really appreciated their wonderful hospitality during our afternoon. We also learnt more about their Basque culture. You can see the barbecue grill outside where they cook / grill the fish & meat.

The waitress is not sure if l was ready for this….. yes please !
…maybe she wasn’t impressed by my attempt at Spanish ?

Delicious grilled fish, not sure what type exactly! Cooked on the outside traditional charcoal grill / barbecue.


This is “Chipirones Pelayo”, baby squid dish …..a Basque favourite & also delicious. It’s only wiggling a little!?

Who could refuse dessert today?
I had to google Mark’s dessert on left & it is called patxineta ! It’s recipe originated from San Sebastián …. puff pastry, pastry cream & topped with almonds! My baked apple …what can I say…just what the dr. ordered!? Ha!

Our lunch started at 2.30 & finished about 5.30. This is not unusual in Spain, no dinner for us tonight!

Gracias Inigo & Alicia for your great hospitality! You definitely made our visit here a memorable one!

Another day & another perfect 25 degrees …the beach is beckoning!  A quick cycle & we are here at Beach La CONCHA!

Now it’s about time we grab some kayaks & hit the water!

It’s fantastic weather for a paddle & Bev poses for this pic before we venture out !

We head out to this little Island for a look & watch kids jumping off the small pier!
You can just spot the pier in the picture! Maybe you can see us there somewhere too?

Next, we kayak over to these boats & check them out too!

Mark races back to shore just in time to video me casually paddling back to beach! What a great paddle!

These guys in red tops with SOS are the lifeguards!

Notice the flippers dangling from their waists? No rescue boards here, just flippers!?

The interesting wooden beach lifeguard tower  !

Back at the ranch…. or Camping Igara , we lash out for “ Especialidad De La Casa !” ….or special of the house !  Looks a bargain price !

Spicy Spanish chicken, jacket potatoes smothered in salt & a crispy green salad!

Mark looks extremely content with this meal ……forgot to mention fresh bread too, of course! Can’t let the chicken go cold! All the better with red trousers.

We have delightful new neighbours now, Nuala & Peter from UK 🇬🇧 in front of their Pilote motorhome.

We meet for drinks at the bar & then enjoy a fun meal together at Restaurant Mario’s!

Here’s my impressive Caesar salad  ….. oh , it’s a bit slippery ….. Got it! ….. I only just manage to prevent a dining disaster! Ha!

The boys discussing the bill with Carlos, our excellent waiter all week! Very reasonable pricing here!

What a fantastic time we’ve experienced at Camping Igara & in San Sebastián!

It’s time to leave & Bruce is now reinvigorated & excited about what he might discover around the next corner!?

As we drive out, l somehow think we will return here again, maybe sooner than later!

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  1. Very interesting . We are looking forward to visiting San Sebastian next year!
    The food looks very good.

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