Next stop . . . . Portugal !!!

Excitedly, we cross the border into the far north of Portugal and Bruce is exhausted after the long drive and happily nestles amongst the trees beside the lush riverside!

If we eat dinner at the restaurant, we are allowed to camp for free! It’s a deal!

Dusting off our bikes, we ride into the small, charming town of Chaves. The strategic importance of Chaves on the northern Portuguese border with Spain, frequently had the mediaeval town described as the “keys to the kingdom” – and the name “keys” (Chaves) remains today. It’s hard to fathom the ancient Roman bridge is from the second century!!!!  and we ride across it on our bikes.
The town is famous for its healing, thermal waters which are a scolding 73 to 76°C. Pete decides to be quite cheeky! Ha ha!

We sip our €1.50 Cafe Grande‘s in the old Plaza courtyard and take a pic with Good Old Dom Alfonso, who’s dynasty would rule Portugal until the 20th century.. On our 8 km ride back to our motorhome alongside the river with its waterfalls and ancient bridges,  we navigate across the rocky, sandy path! Hey there is Bruce!!! We stop and take a selfie, and Bev points to Bruce hiding camouflaged amongst the trees!

Bev was tempted to buy one of these cute”I love Portugal” dolls, but couldn’t decide which one was most appropriate!? Mmm…

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  1. Beautiful spot. I wonder why you can’t get a 1-50 Euro coffee in Melbourne!

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