Delightful Douro!

Our plan is to drive south to the famous Douro Valley wine region, and on our way we overnight in a simple campground.

Lesson number one, when in Portugal always carry a roll of toilet paper, either stuffed up your jumper or in your bag! . . . . Not provided routinely! You don’t want to be caught out!!

At the local market in Vila Real, we couldn’t resist these famous mini Portuguese tarts with our obligatory morning black coffee!

when we think we can’t drive up any higher . . .  we do!! “Bruce” soldiers up bravely, often in first gear, and we are rewarded with breathtaking views of green, terraced, vineyards, and olive trees below!

Around another bend, and WOW, we are at our next stop Quintas do Monte Travesso, 1896!

€20 for the night, including a bottle of wine of course. Jose,  the owner, provides €12 winetasting too, which was great fun. See picture of José. He even found an Australian and British flag to display for us during the wine tasting of their famous red, white and rose wine! We also enjoy a guided tour of his old stone home, (yellow in the picture).

The sparkling pool was tempting . . . .  not exactly warm enough for us, though!

The sun sets at about 10 pm and we take in the magnificent views from our motorhomes.

2 thoughts on “Delightful Douro!

  1. Mark and Bev,

    Truly sensational scenery and wine lists no less.
    I lived in Portugal for a year as a child. My Opa (grandfather) was a ship’s captain and I’ve been back a few times when I was old enough to drink the sherry.
    Glad it is going well

  2. Great to read of your exploits in all the “off the beaten track” places you manage you find✅

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