Hold onto your seats, up we go!!!

Leaving in our motorhome convoy with our friends, we passed through stunning scenery on our way to the famous cable car at Picos De Europe !!

After an encounter with a brown bear, we bravely board the cable car ……up, up to the heavens! . . . . looks more like a moonscape on the top! We speed up in only four minutes and spend at least an hour exploring the Rocky Summit. Needless to say, the views are amazing!

Driving south again, through Spain,  more dramatic scenery, rock tunnels and hair raising blind corners we arrive  at Leon. Bruce rests up exhausted with 24 other motorhomes beside the river near the old town.

The Gothic 12 century cathedral is majestic with over 1 sq km of stained glass in all the windows! We wander through the old city, admiring the many grandiose buildings, including one by the famous architect, Gaudi !

8 thoughts on “Hold onto your seats, up we go!!!

  1. What an amazing site and views. T.he winding roads would keep Bruce on his toes.!! Lovely to share your travels.Today14th May Jim and I celebrating our 63rd anniversary as well as mothers day for all mums.

  2. What an amazing site and views. T.he winding roads would keep Bruce on his toes.!! Your 14th May posting is same day Jim and I celebrate our 63rd anniversary
    Of course Happy Mothers Day too.
    Enjoy xx

    1. Hi guys, glad you’re enjoying our travels! Big congratulations on your 63rd wedding anniversary! Hope you are both doing well now ! Big hugs & love

  3. Wow! How spectacular all round! Great pics as well.
    That bear looked stuffed…..maybe the constant winter climate.

  4. How wonderful Spain looks, would loved to have made it to there, the cable car has such spectacular views, so much to see. Enjoy, Joy x

  5. Wow I thought u might of been in Canada, such beautiful scenery looks incredible!!
    And u have only just begun! Looks a little cool xx enjoy

  6. Amazing scenery and so rugged. Looks like your days are full of adventures and great having friends to share the sights. Lovely photos and great job recording. Thank you for sharing. xxx

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