Last peek of the delightful Douro !

Leaving Régua & the Douro region the views once again are spectacular ! The river snakes along far below us & more beautiful terraced vineyards too !

What goes up, must come down…….Bruce is rudely reminded to “ keep in low gear” by the large red sign ! Of course he knows not to burn out the brakes descending !! Ha !

We explore the charming village of Amarante  & notice the contrast of of housing architecture – modern & old  ( see pic ) . The town has beautiful medieval & Romanesque buildings . Many quaint restaurants jutt out over the river & we enjoy refreshments in one.

Yep, it’s definitely warming up now & when we return to Bruce he is suffering from heat stroke!!……His temperature is 37 Celsius ! We can’t find an ice pack big enough for him so he has to make do with ventilation… windows ! !

Bruce recovers & we venture on to Guimaraes , known for its well preserved medieval buildings . The hilltop castle is 10th century  & inside many school children are being entertained by performers re enacting yesteryear.

The Braganca palace is 15th century & in 1959 became the official residence of the Portuguese president ! The museum inside has amazing artefacts … tapestries & we put an order in for one of these gold plated 4 poster beds !? The statuesque, female candle bearer also grabbed our attention !
So much to see, & Mark  in particular, is ravenous ! We return to the now crowded town square & order lunch ! Mark devours this hearty traditional Portuguese specialty of beef steak, sausages , egg , cheese & fries too ! There’s not a lot of Gluten Free options here so it’s olives & cheese again for me ! However, the large drink of refreshing Sangria was icy cold & hit the spot !

Following Mark back to Bruce’s overnight car park spot l admire the creative mosaic footpath & the bright red bougainvillea!
Now what’s this ? ….Anyone hungry for “Breakfast a Portuguesa ??” Always amusing to see these golden arches pop up when you least expect them !!


5 thoughts on “Last peek of the delightful Douro !

  1. Looks like its pretty warm there now. Hey Mark, those lunches sound pretty good.

  2. All looks wonderful, so much to see and do with all the old interesting buildings and towns. All fine here, off to the BBQ in the Community Centre so that is something to do as it is getting to 14degrees here and raining today. Safe travel xx

  3. Great photos and story ❤️
    Looks amazing. Definately encouraging us to visit here one day…. P.S. …I love Sangria

  4. Most impressive places, & interesting descriptions you two. Those of us who “see Portugal” on regular tours rarely get to the real Portugal .
    Good that Bruce is standing up well & in the picture, Batman seemed unimpressed with Mark claiming the limelight!!
    Happy touring & we look forward to further commentaries.

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