Welcome to Angerias

Leaving the mountains, Bruce is keen to see the sea! He takes us to this traditional, little fishing village of Angeiras , 20 km north of Porto.Naturally, Bev couldn’t resist a cuddle and free fishing tips from this cute fisherman!

We stay at Campismo De Angeiras. Its entrance is like Fort Knox complete with green pass cards, electric gates and guards on duty, we are locked in here between 11 pm and 7 am! …….no one gets to sneak in here for free, that’s for sure!!

A short stroll through the old village ,cobblestone streets and we’re at the beach. There are many small fishing boats, sheds and fishing equipment. Mark noticed that the buoys are weighted down with lemonade plastic bottles, filled with concrete!  With no boat ramps, we watch this large tractor, pull the fishing boats up onto the sand. It’s like taking a step back in time !

Mark is deciding if he’s hungry enough to try these traditional barbecued sardines as we pass by the man cooking them out the front of the restaurant ! ?

A great, newish boardwalk above the sand is busy with Camino pilgrims, heading north to Santiago de Compostela. There are many encouraging signs for them along their arduous route  ! We notice several bandages knees among them !

Savouring a few beers  in the fantastic beach cafe , Mark works up enough courage to test out the Atlantic Ocean! Yep, you guessed correctly, it’s pretty chilly

On return to “prison camp” ……er …. I mean our camp ground,  we excitedly pack our overnight bags for a weekend adventure in Porto and a reunion with our  friends Edith and Martin from Baden Baden (Germany).

No complaints from Bruce who is looking forward to a well deserved rest after hiking up so many mountains!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Angerias

  1. Absolutely beautiful scenery for pilgrims and those enjoying a beer!
    Time stands still in some places but you have to feel different.

  2. We find your adventures very interesting. We are getting excited for when we start traveling in our motorhome in August.

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