Aussie Bruce is BACK!!!

Welcome to our 2018 European BLOG adventure!

Aussie Bruce, our motorhome, gave Mark a fright in Dover waiting to board the ferry to France. It seems he had developed Cold Feet and decided not to budge – or drive onto the ferry!!

After a visit from the AA, he was begrudgingly towed away at midnight to nearby Canterbury.

Fortunately, his ailment was not serious….. the solenoid on the fuel pump had given up … the following day Mark and Bruce were sailing across the English Chanel, excited about upcoming adventures…..

The drive across three countries to our friends’ home in Erding (near Munich in Germany) went smoothly. Mark enjoyed a relaxing few days with Frank, Stephanie and young Vincent.

Bev delayed her flight a week and spent special time with our beautiful new grandson Bohdi, one week old….. Morgan and Ben’s baby son.

The flight to Munich went according to plan and Mark and Bruce collected Bev from the Munich Airport.

BMWs are everywhere here, of course – it is Germany!! Our tour of the massive factory with its extensive robotics was fascinating. 928 cars per day, to be exact like the Germans, are manufactured here each day!


Our two day visit to Regensburg, one of Europes best preserved medieval cities, dates back to Roman times – AD179. The Steinerne Bridge, built 1146 is the oldest Donau (Danube) bridge in Germany. We explored the may tiny alleyways and attractive squares.

A training ride along the Donau to the imposing hilltop classical temple called WALHALLA commissioned by King Ludwig 1st  as a museum for Germanic heroes. We managed the 350 marble steps in 30 degree heat. We clocked up 50kms today – the legs are working and the bike has not missed a beat – unlike Mark’s which is having a few problems – but hey, who needs gears anyway!?!?!?!

Today we drove to Passua, said good-bye to Bruce (in a secure parking area — good choice Frank!! – thank you) and rode our heavily laden bikes to the centre of historic Passau. We tried to pack lightly but definitely noticed the extra weight as we cycled to our hotel Wilder Mann – on the Donau adjacent to the Rathaus (town hall)!! Passau is in Germany near the Austrian and Czech border. The beautiful white St Stephens cathedral (the Dom) was almost completely burnt to the ground in 1660. It boasts the worlds largest cathedral organ with 18,000 organ pipes.

Having fueled our bodies with the best of the local cuisine….. bavarian schnitzel, spinach dumplings, apfelstrudel, etc. we are prepared for the long cycle ahead….

Yes, bring on BARTLETTS TOUR DE DONAU!>!>!……

12 thoughts on “Aussie Bruce is BACK!!!

  1. “How do” you two! ….Good to see you’re back on the better-than-average tourist track after the speedy fix of Bruce’s Dover hiccup. One can imagine the International Incident you might have created if he had refused to drive off the Ferry in Calais! ‍♂️
    Stunning Cathedral.
    Driving an English Morgan sports car in Germany? Just not cricket Sir ⚠️….

  2. Larry and I met you both while in Spain 4 years ago. Last fall we spent a month touring Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Austria and Italy. Loved it all. Got hooked on wild forest mushrooms and scallops. Our son, said ” really Mom! You’re pigging out on mushrooms”. Oh yes and wine. Enjoy that new grand baby and keep up the travel. Thank you for the post. Karen and Larry Rabe
    Prescott, Arizona

  3. Weyhey! Happy travels guys. We’ve had a wander round France and are heading home Monday. Have a cracking time, good luck with the bike. Cheers, Jay

  4. Glad to see you in the road again. Remember our time together in Paris with fond memories

  5. Looks fantastic. Our holiday is over so now we can live vicariously through your trip. A great way to pass the winter months. Have loads of fun. We will be watching.

  6. Cross Fingers for your further trip.
    We enjoyed the Time with you here in Erding.
    Vincent hat a new friend.. the kookaburra.
    In german “Lachender Hans”
    See you soon again.
    Steffi, Frank and Great Vincent 🙂

    1. I did not have breakdown insurance – until I joined AA on the docks at Dover. (Cost 179 pounds – including the 99 pounds premium for “needing it now”). That covered the tow – I needed to reassure them multiple times that we are below the 3500 kg that their trucks can cope with – they were very helpful including finding a suggested repair place that would be able to look after me the next morning.

      Have a great day,

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