Dîner sur la Tour Eiffel

Our 2016 adventure has been another wonderful experience and literally ends on a high . . . . as we celebrate Bev’s birthday up on the Eiffel Tower !! To share our last few days, in Paris with Alison and Neil was also icing on the cake!!


Our final evening in Paris, July 6th, began with dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel admiring the view on the way up. A three course dinner, nouveaux cuisine was delicious . . . . complete with birthday candle on dessert!

IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197

IMG_0218 IMG_0215 IMG_0207

We decide to walk down the stairs as the lift was full!



It is football mania here — France hosting EUFA 2016 — and France is in the final! A giant soccer ball hangs precariously – half way up the Eiffel Tower!!

IMG_0230 AP4_0081


Our river-boat cruises down the Seine and the weather is balmy  . . . . .   perfect! The riverside is packed with people relaxing & enjoying the buskers as the sun sets behind the Notre Dame.



IMG_0265Next stop . . . . . . the Moulin Rouge in Montmarte. The whole show was spectacular . . . the costumes, dancers and other performers. Brilliant choreography too.

IMG_0316 IMG_0326 IMG_0328


In Paris, we caught up with Jack (from USA) – whom we met last year in Brussells. After a great walking tour near his lovely apartment in The Marais, Jack took us for a driving tour of Paris at night — Champs Elysees, Tour Eiffel, etc — all the way back to Bruce in his carpark in the 13th!!

IMG_0133 IMG_0147 IMG_0127 IMG_0126

IMG_0147 IMG_0135 IMG_0134


IMG_0166 IMG_0163 Facebook-20160709-083854

Bruce conquered the English Channel again (P&O helped!) and was happy to be pressure washed in Basingstoke before being tucked up in his overcoat!!!!!!!

This is Bev, Mark & Bruce Signing Off for 2016!!




6 thoughts on “Dîner sur la Tour Eiffel

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us all. Have really enjoyed your experiences along the way. Well done .
    Bette and Jim xx

  2. First of all, congratulations to bev’s birthday. We see, you have a wonderfull further yourney to europe. Now enjoy Melbourne and your family. Many Greetings from Frank, Steffi and of course Vincent. He remember your, while watching your pictures.

  3. Pleased for you that your finely tuned plans…especially so much action in the final few days….worked out. Bruce must be pleased to relax!
    Another most interesting blog covering fascinating locations we never knew existed.
    Thanks again and we look forward to welcoming you home.

  4. Nooooo! Don’t finish yet! I haven’t had enough!!!
    Your birthday in Paris looks amazing Bev! Wow! What treat!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all the stories and especially the wonderful pictures. Eh … we almost could have met in Paris. Spend one day in Paris, July 9. Travelled by train through … Le Cateau!! But I suppose you were on your trip to the Brexit country!
    Beverly, a (belated) happy birthday!

  6. Mark and Bev

    Just catching up on some reading and your last blog for this year’s trip. Enjoyed it as usual. Enjoy Melbournes winter as best you can, home is still home.

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